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The city, which serves as the capital of one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates, is renowned for its wealth, glamorous and innovative architecture, and vibrant shopping districts. You can now easily plan a Dubai tour by selecting one of our top Dubai trip packages. Now, you will choose tour packages for Dubai as per your requirements from the below list.

About Dubai Tour Packages

If you enjoy and like different scents that have spread throughout Dubai's streets and want to create it again like at home, then you should go for Oudh or Bakhoor. One of the special items to buy in Dubai is Oudh, a pricey fragrance oil made from the wood of the Southeast Asia agar tree. It is available in a variety of forms, including pure oil, blended oil, floral oils, and perfume smells. Agarwood chips are referred to as bakhoor and are burned to create an equally enticing aroma. Both Oudh and Bakhoor are in considerable demand as effective alternatives to air fresheners, candles, and incense.  

The vibrant dining scene in Dubai provides an opportunity to experience true Arabic hospitality and try international cuisine. The striking décor and culinary experience will captivate visitors, whether it's a café, fast-food restaurant, or a modern dining establishment. This city of skyscrapers and malls has evolved from a desert outpost into a popular vacation spot, drawing visitors in search of great views, warm weather, and family-friendly activities.

To visit the "City of Gold" and not do a little gold shopping would be unjust. Dubai is the best location to get those gold bracelets or necklaces. Because of their tax regulations, these cities have relatively slower jewelry pricing than many other cities. You can purchase diamond and platinum jewelry besides gold jewelry at affordable prices. Even though the costs are modest, you can still save money on your purchase by haggling a little with the help of an Expert holiday planner India.

There are beaches in Dubai that have expanded public areas with facilities for restaurants, sun-loungers, lifeguards who keep a watch on the areas that are used for swimming, and several businesses that offer boat rides, kayak rentals, jet skiing, parasailing, and other water sports.

The country transitioned from its earlier dependence on pearl diving, fishing, and agriculture to an economy dominated by natural resources with the discovery of oil and natural gas, both on land and in its waters. All these reasons are enough to tempt you and book the best Dubai tour packages!