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Best Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal is known for its trekking and adventure, and it is a true haven for tourists and travelers who enjoy both culture and adventure in the best Nepal packages we offer. It is the ideal location for an excursion like a potpourri because of the Himalayas' natural beauty, the wildlife, the culturally significant temples, stupas, and monasteries, as well as the various adventures and sports all included in the Nepal trip package. We offer some of the most affordable and top-rated Nepal tour packages to tempt you to travel to this endearing nation.

The only issue you may encounter during your entire trip is that you cannot see everything included in your Nepal holiday packages in the Nepal tour package price. While keeping in mind the Nepal trip cost from India, these packages are made for every tourist. Rafting, mountain biking, taking a tour bus, and riding a motorcycle are just a few ways you may discover the many sights and countryside in the nation with our Nepal travel packages. Many Nepal tour packages for couples are available because this is a good country for couples to travel to and strengthen their relationship.

About Nepal Tour Packages

The beautiful landlocked nation of Nepal is located in South Asia and is sculpted on the edge of the Himalayan Mountains and Indo-Gangetic Plain. Visit this beautiful place with our Nepal holiday packages. Nepal's heritage dates back to the 7th century and is known for having eight of the world's ten highest lakes, peaks, waterfalls, impressive Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries, and valleys. Through our Nepal tour packages, discover the best of the Sherpa homeland.

A journey to Nepal takes at least five days. With Nepal trip packages, you can explore the Nepal tours destination, such as Thamel, Chandragiri Hills, Dakshin Kali Temple, Casino Anna, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath Temple, and Durbar Square.

Visit the historic cities of Patan and Bhaktapur, bordered by stunning temples and structures on the riverside of the Bagmati River with the Nepal travel packages with the best Nepal tour cost. Buy genuine silk, terracotta crafts, and ceramics at neighborhood markets and bring them home.

With well-known hikes in the Nepal trekking packages along the Poon Hill, Annapurna Circuit, and Langtang that showcase rhododendron forests, flowing glacial rivers, and deep gorges, you can add a scenic twist to your trip.

Gokyo Lake, a haven with azure waters and snow-capped mountains surrounding it, offers stunning views of Mount Everest and the Dudh Koshi Valley. Paragliding, camping, and ziplining are popular here and are included in the Nepal tour packages. Visit these exciting places with our Nepal packages.

Adventure enthusiasts travel to Nepal for its ultralight flights, biking in the Kathmandu Valley, and rafting on the Seti River. One of the world's most thrilling experiences is thought to be reaching the summit of Mount Everest. 30-minute helicopter tours over Himalayan Mountain Climbing Base Camp are available to see Namche's snow-covered hills with our Nepal tour packages. It is imperative to shop for handicrafts and regional goods when visiting Nepal. Rice paper goods, singing bowls, khukri, and Thangka paintings come in a variety.

Top 10 FAQs For Nepal Trip

Q.1. Which time is best for the Nepal tour?

With dry and clear weather, October through early December is the ideal time to visit Nepal. The climate is warm from February to April when flowers will start to bloom. 

Q.2. Which is the most seen place in Nepal?

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and its most popular tourist destination is spread out over a picturesque valley and encircled by Himalayan mountains. It is home to numerous historic temples, golden pagodas, stunning natural scenery, and intriguing villages.     

Q.3. Do I need a Visa to go to Nepal?

When traveling from the United States or Canada, a visa is necessary. You can apply for a visa to Nepal in one of three ways. The first is at the international airport in Kathmandu, where you will arrive. All land border crossings open to foreigners have immigration offices, so you can also obtain a visa there. Lastly, you can utilize one of Nepal's foreign consulates to apply for one before departing. 

Q.4. What currency is used in Nepal?

The Nepalese rupee is the official currency of the nation. A lot of places accept payments using all major credit cards.

Q.5. What language is spoken in Nepal?

Nepali is the country's official language.

Q.6. Is English spoken throughout Nepal?

Many locals speak English as a second language, which is widely used nationwide.

Q.7. Is Nepal a family-friendly destination?

Nepal is exceptionally safe, but it tends to attract more adventurous people. Nepal is ideal for your family vacation if you like discovering mountains and valleys on foot or by bicycle.

Q.8. How many days are good for a trip to Nepal?

You need at least five days to visit Nepal without rushing into places.

Q.9. How many days can I reside in Nepal with a tourist visa?

The maximum stay for visitors with visas obtained on arrival from the Nepali Department of Immigration is 150 days per year. Only 15, 30, or 90-day visas will be issued; however, they may be expanded at the Department of Immigration in Kathmandu.

Q.10. Is a Visa on arrival an option for Indian nationals in Nepal?

Yes, a Visa on arrival is available for Indian Nationals in Nepal.