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Tawang Tour Packages: Unveil the Enchanting Himalayan Haven

Sited at a stature of 10,000 feet above sea level, Tawang is the most well-known and most visited region in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. 

This northeastern part of the nation is recognized as the earthly heaven, which lies secluded from the outside world. Tawang is home to spiritual monks who stay absorbed in prayers and some friendly people. 

With the Tawang Tour Package, you set off to explore this hidden and mystical gem, which is also the home to the 2nd biggest Buddhist monastery in the country.

You will find many great tour packages available for Tawang, and some of them even include various activities and tourist attractions. With the Tawang Tour Packages, you can check out the Sela Pass. 

You can visit the place between 8 am to 8 pm on a taxi or bus. The Sela Pass is the highest mountain pass in Arunachal Pradesh and is located between West Kameng and Tawang. 

Taking up tour packages that include the Sela pass will allow you to enjoy some great views and also get some mountaineering opportunities. 

About the Tawang Tour Packages 

The Tawang holiday package is ideal for all distressed souls who wish to escape to a different region to find peace and become stress-free. These packages provide a rejuvenating break that will take away all the tension of daily life.

By booking a Tawang trip package with the best trip planners in India, you also get the opportunity to visit Gorsam Chorten, a well-known religious site.

Apart from the Buddhist monastery, Tawang offers many other unique places for you to check out. Some of the places you should check out are the Jaswantgarh [The Indian Army War Memorial], Bum La Pass, Sangetsar Lake, and the Museum of the 6th Dalai Lama, who was born at the Tawang monastery.

You will also get to check out the PT TSO Lake, which stays frozen for 4 months to 5 months every year, and also get to visit the Tawang War Memorial.

So, don’t think twice! Plan, prepare, and book the best north east tour packages to explore this eye-catching and unique place, which the Northeast has in-store.