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About New Year Packages

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for ushering in 2024 with flair! In this extensive guide, we'll explore the best places for New Year celebrations both in India and around the world. Whether you're looking for lively parties, serene getaways, or unique cultural experiences, our curated list ensures an unforgettable start to the new year with our exclusive New Year Packages.

Countdown to the New Year with style! Elevate your celebration with exclusive New Year's Eve hotel packages, featuring lavish accommodations, gourmet dining, and dazzling festivities.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our exclusive New Year holiday packages, offering a blend of luxury and excitement. Choose from a variety of enticing options, including new year trip packages and new year tour packages, designed to make your celebration unforgettable. Indulge in the festivities with our specially crafted new year party packages, promising a night of glamour and joy. Whether you prefer a serene getaway or a vibrant city escape, our new year trips packages cater to every desire. Embrace the countdown to the new year twice as nice with our dual new years eve party package offer. It's time to create lasting memories!

Exploreenticing New Years Eve hotel packages, offering luxurious accommodations, gourmet dining, and exclusive access to festive celebrations. Elevate your NYE experience with us, creating unforgettable memories as you welcome 2024 in the heart of the city.


Best Places for New Year Celebration in India

Delhi: Retro Rendezvous

Delhi's vibrant nightlife and eclectic parties make it a prime destination for New Year celebrations. Dive into the retro-themed parties that dominate the city, featuring lively music, dazzling lights, and an atmosphere of pure festivity.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Delhi for New Year Celebration:

  • XYZ Lounge: A chic lounge known for its signature cocktails and live music.
  • Retro Bites: A retro-themed restaurant offering a fusion of classic and contemporary dishes.
  • Kitty Su (The Lalit): Known for its electrifying New Year parties with top DJs.

Privee: Offers a glamorous setting with international artists and a lively dance floor.

Goa: Bar Bliss

For a beachfront celebration, head to Goa. The beach bars offer a unique New Year's experience, with music, fireworks, and a laid-back vibe. It's the perfect place to welcome the new year with sand beneath your feet and the sound of waves in the background.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Goa for New Year Celebration:

  • Beachside Bites: A beach shack known for its fresh seafood and vibrant cocktails.

  • Sunset Lounge: A trendy bar offering panoramic views of the sunset over the Arabian Sea.

  • Café Mambo: A legendary beach club hosting high-energy parties.

SinQ Night Club: Famous for its open-air parties and celebrity appearances.

Manali: Mountain Majesty

Escape to the snow-capped mountains of Manali for a tranquil New Year celebration. Resorts provide cozy gatherings with bonfires and breathtaking views, creating an intimate and serene start to the year.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Manali for New Year Celebration:

  • Mountain Grill: A rustic restaurant offering Himalayan cuisine by a warm fireplace.

  • Peak Pub: A lively pub with a wide selection of craft beers and mountain views.

  • Johnson's Café: A cozy spot with live music and a festive atmosphere.

The Lazy Dog Lounge: Offers a chilled-out vibe and special New Year's Eve events.

Mumbai: Glitzy Glamour

As the entertainment capital, Mumbai hosts glamorous New Year's Eve parties. From rooftop celebrations to star-studded events, the city's energy reaches a peak as the clock strikes midnight.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Mumbai for New Year Celebration:

  • Sky High Lounge: A rooftop bar with panoramic views of the city skyline.

  • Bollywood Bistro: A themed restaurant celebrating the glitz and glamour of Bollywood.

  • Asilo (The St. Regis): Rooftop bar with panoramic views and a swanky atmosphere.

Trilogy Nightclub: Known for its lavish New Year's Eve parties.

Jaipur: Royal Revelry

Experience a regal New Year in the pink city of Jaipur. Grand palaces and forts serve as backdrops to themed parties and cultural events, offering a unique blend of history and celebration.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Jaipur for New Year Celebration:

  • Palatial Feast: A restaurant within a historic palace, serving royal Rajasthani cuisine.

  • Rajput Lounge: A sophisticated lounge with traditional décor and live music.

  • Steam (Rambagh Palace): A luxury lounge with a regal ambiance.

Club Naila: Famous for its traditional Rajasthani New Year celebrations.

Kerala: Coastal Charisma

Kerala's tranquil backwaters and lush landscapes provide a serene backdrop for a peaceful New Year's celebration. Choose from beachfront resorts or houseboat experiences for a quiet yet memorable start to the year.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Kerala for New Year Celebration:

  • Backwater Bites: A seafood restaurant with views of the serene backwaters.

  • Coconut Cove Bar: A beachfront bar serving refreshing coconut-based cocktails.

  • The Leela Kovalam: Five-star beach resort hosting elegant New Year parties.

Sky Grill (Kochi): Rooftop restaurant with stunning views of the city lights.

Rishikesh: Spiritual Serenity

For those seeking a spiritual start to the year, Rishikesh offers yoga retreats and meditation sessions. Embrace tranquility beside the Ganges as you bid farewell to the old year.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Rishikesh for New Year Celebration:

  • Yogi’s Delight: A vegetarian restaurant offering healthy meals and yoga-inspired drinks.

  • Ganges Lounge: A riverside bar with calming views and a selection of herbal teas.

  • Café Nirvana: A riverside café with a serene atmosphere.

The Beatles Café: Known for its artistic ambiance and cultural events.

Hyderabad: Tech and Tradition

Hyderabad's unique blend of technology and tradition is reflected in its New Year celebrations. Enjoy dazzling light shows alongside cultural performances, creating a perfect fusion of old and new.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Hyderabad for New Year Celebration:

  • Techie Tavern: A modern pub with a tech-themed ambiance and innovative cocktails.

  • Nawabi Bites: A restaurant serving traditional Hyderabadi cuisine in a contemporary setting.

  • Bottles & Chimney: Iconic nightclub with energetic New Year's celebrations.

The Fisherman's Wharf: Offers a lively waterfront setting with live music.

Kolkata: Cultural Carnival

Kolkata's artistic spirit comes alive during New Year celebrations. From cultural programs to grand feasts, the city offers a unique celebration that reflects its rich heritage.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Kolkata for New Year Celebration:

  • Artistic Eats: A restaurant showcasing local artwork and serving Bengali delicacies.

  • Cultural Café: A vibrant café with live performances celebrating the city's artistic culture.

  • Roxy (The Park): A popular nightclub with themed New Year parties.

Oudh 1590: Famous for its Nawabi cuisine and special New Year events.

Udaipur: Lakeside Luxury

Udaipur's picturesque lakes set the stage for a luxurious New Year celebration. Experience fine dining, live music, and fireworks against the backdrop of stunning palaces.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Udaipur for New Year Celebration:

  • Lakeview Lounge: A lakeside lounge offering cocktails and Rajasthani fusion cuisine.

  • Palatial Platter: A fine-dining restaurant within a historic palace, serving gourmet dishes.

  • Upré by 1559 AD: Rooftop restaurant with a panoramic view of Lake Pichola.

Chandni (The Oberoi Udaivilas): Lakeside dining with a regal touch.

Shimla: Snowy Soiree

Embrace the winter wonderland of Shimla for a snowy New Year's Eve. Resorts and hotels offer cozy gatherings, and the possibility of snowfall adds a magical touch to the celebration.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Shimla for New Year Celebration:

  • Snowfall Grill: A warm and inviting restaurant that transforms into a winter wonderland during New Year's. Indulge in hearty mountain cuisine and signature cocktails, creating a cozy atmosphere for the snowy soiree.

  • Fireside Pub: Nestled by a crackling fireplace, this pub exudes comfort. Enjoy a selection of local craft beers and seasonal delights, making it the perfect spot for a fireside New Year's celebration.

  • Cecil Restaurant (Hotel Clarkes): Offers a colonial setting and special New Year menus.

Himachali Rasoi: Authentic Himachali cuisine in a cozy atmosphere.

Agra: Iconic Elegance

Celebrate the new year near the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra. The city's historical charm combined with themed parties creates a truly elegant New Year's experience.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Agra for New Year Celebration:

  • Moonlit Marvel: Dine with a view of the Taj Mahal under the moonlight, featuring a special New Year's Eve menu showcasing Mughlai delicacies. The ambiance is complemented by live classical music, creating an atmosphere of iconic elegance.

  • Mughal Mixology: Step into an opulent Mughal-era-inspired bar offering a range of exotic cocktails and beverages. The bar's design reflects the grandeur of Agra's historical legacy, making it an ideal spot for a sophisticated New Year celebration.

  • Esphahan (Oberoi Amarvilas): Overlooks the Taj Mahal, offering a luxurious dining experience.

  • Sky Grill (Hotel Clarks Shiraz): Rooftop restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Taj.

New Year Packages Agra: 

Elevate your celebration with our exclusive New Year Packages in Agra, combining the allure of the Taj Mahal with refined elegance and cultural richness.

Pondicherry: Coastal Tranquility

Pondicherry's French architecture and serene beaches make it an ideal spot for a relaxed New Year's celebration. Enjoy beachside parties and cultural events in this coastal paradise.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Pondicherry for New Year Celebration:

  • Seaside Serenity: A beachfront restaurant serving a delectable fusion of French and local cuisines. With panoramic views of the Bay of Bengal, it's a serene spot for a romantic New Year's dinner.

  • Azure Waves Lounge: Unwind at this beachside lounge offering a laid-back atmosphere, live acoustic performances, and a diverse menu of cocktails. Embrace the coastal tranquility as you welcome the new year.

  • Le Club: Beachfront restaurant with a lively New Year's Eve ambiance.

  • Tanto Pizzeria: Auroville's popular spot for wood-fired pizzas and live music.

New Year Packages Pondicherry: 

Immerse yourself in the charm of coastal tranquility with our exclusive New Year Packages in Pondicherry, where French elegance meets beachside bliss.

Ladakh: Himalayan Heights

For an adventurous start to the year, head to Ladakh. New Year celebrations here include bonfires, traditional music, and a chance to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Ladakh for New Year Celebration:

  • High Altitude Haven: Perched atop a hill, this rustic restaurant offers Ladakhi delicacies with a contemporary twist. The panoramic views of snow-capped peaks create a magical setting for a Himalayan New Year's feast.

  • Aurora Lounge: A rooftop lounge designed for stargazing and relaxation. Sip on local brews, enjoy the crisp mountain air, and, if lucky, catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, making it an unforgettable New Year's experience.

  • Yak Tail: Cozy café in Leh with a warm ambiance.

  • Bon Appétit: Known for its international cuisine and laid-back vibe.

New Year Packages Ladakh: Elevate your celebration to new heights with our exclusive New Year Packages in Ladakh, where adventure meets Himalayan magic.

Andaman Islands: Tropical Bliss

Escape to the Andaman Islands for a tropical New Year's celebration. White sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs create a paradisiacal setting for welcoming the new year.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Andaman for New Year Celebration:

  • Coral Cove Cuisine: Indulge in fresh seafood at this oceanfront restaurant with breathtaking views of coral reefs. The New Year's menu features tropical delights, making it a perfect spot for a beachfront feast.

  • Sunset Sips Bar: Enjoy sunset cocktails by the beach at this laid-back island bar. The relaxed atmosphere and tropical drinks set the tone for a blissful New Year's evening.

  • SeaShell, Havelock: Beachside resort with a festive New Year's atmosphere.

Barefoot Bar & Brasserie: Offers a relaxed setting with live music on New Year's Eve.

New Year Packages Andaman: 

Immerse yourself in tropical bliss with our exclusive New Year Packages in the Andaman Islands, where azure waters meet white sandy beaches.

Varanasi: Spiritual Renewal

Varanasi, with its spiritual significance, offers a unique way to start the year. Attend the Ganga Aarti and experience the spiritual energy of this ancient city.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Varanasi for New Year Celebration:

  • Ganga Gourmet House: Situated by the Ganges, this restaurant offers vegetarian delights with a view of the river. The New Year's menu includes traditional dishes, creating a culinary experience amid spiritual renewal.

  • Soulful Sips Café: Find tranquility in this riverside café, known for herbal teas and calming ambiance. It's an ideal spot for reflection and conversations as you welcome the new year.

  • Bona Café: Riverside café with a tranquil atmosphere.

  • Brown Bread Bakery: A cozy spot with a rooftop view of the Ganges.

New Year Packages Varanasi: Embark on a journey of spiritual renewal with our exclusive New Year Packages in Varanasi, where ancient traditions meet modern comfort.

Coorg: Green Getaway

Nestled in the Western Ghats, Coorg provides a green escape for New Year's celebrations. Enjoy the lush landscapes, coffee plantations, and serene resorts.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Coorg for New Year Celebration:

  • Coffee Blossom Bistro: Set amidst coffee plantations, this bistro offers Coorg's famed coffee-infused dishes. The New Year's menu highlights local flavors, creating a gastronomic experience in a green getaway.

  • Ghat View Lounge: Perched on a hill, this lounge provides panoramic views of the Western Ghats. Savor craft coffees and local wines while enjoying the serene beauty, making it an idyllic spot for a New Year's toast.

  • The Falls at Tamara: Offers a unique dining experience near Abbey Falls.

  • Raintree Restaurant: Overlooks Raja's Seat, providing a scenic backdrop for New Year's celebrations.

New Year Packages Coorg: Immerse yourself in the green getaway with our exclusive New Year Packages in Coorg, where nature's tranquility meets culinary excellence.

Mahabalipuram: Coastal Beauty

Mahabalipuram's coastal beauty and ancient temples set the stage for a New Year's celebration filled with history and tranquility.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Mahabalipuram for New Year Celebration:

  • Temple Tastes: Located near the Shore Temple, this restaurant blends local flavors with global cuisines. Enjoy a New Year's dinner with a backdrop of ancient temples and coastal beauty.

  • Beachside Brews: A casual beach bar serving chilled beers and seafood platters. Kick back with your favorite brew and let the sound of waves be the soundtrack to your New Year's celebration.

  • Moonrakers: Beachside café with a laid-back vibe.

  • The Wharf: Seafood restaurant with views of the Shore Temple.

New Year Packages Mahabalipuram: 

Combine history with coastal beauty in our exclusive New Year Packages in Mahabalipuram, where ancient wonders meet modern comfort.

Sikkim: Mountain Magic

Celebrate amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Sikkim. With the backdrop of the Himalayas, Sikkim offers a serene and adventurous start to the new year.

Recommended spots, Restaurants and Bars in Sikkim for New Year Celebration:

  • Summit Supper Club: A rooftop restaurant offering panoramic views of Kanchenjunga and Sikkim's hills. Indulge in a New Year's feast with a backdrop of snow-capped peaks, creating a magical mountain experience.

  • Himalayan Hideaway Bar: Cozy up in this bar with local craft beers and warm hospitality. The intimate setting is perfect for a New Year's celebration in the heart of the Himalayas.

  • The Coffee Shop (Mayfair): Overlooks the mountains in Gangtok.

  • Himalayan Java Coffee: A cozy café for a warm New Year's Eve.

New Year Packages Sikkim: 

Immerse yourself in mountain magic with our exclusive New Year Packages in Sikkim, where adventure meets serenity.

Ahmedabad: Cultural Carnival

Ahmedabad's rich cultural heritage shines during New Year celebrations. Experience traditional dances, music, and delectable cuisine as you ring in the new year.

Recommended Restaurants and Bars in Ahmedabad for New Year Celebration:

  • Heritage Hues Dining: Located in a heritage setting, this restaurant showcases the best of Gujarati delicacies. Experience a cultural feast amid historical charm for a New Year's celebration like no other.

  • Navratri Nights Lounge: Immerse yourself in folk music and dance at this vibrant lounge. It's an ideal spot for those seeking a cultural escape during their New Year's festivities.

  • The House of MG: Heritage hotel with a rooftop restaurant overlooking the riverfront.

  • Narmada Restaurant: Offers a cultural dining experience near Kankaria Lake.

New Year Packages Ahmedabad: 

Revel in the rich cultural carnival with our exclusive New Year Packages in Ahmedabad, where traditions come alive in a modern setting.

Bangalore: Brigade Road and Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Ring in the New Year with vibrant street parties, live music, and a pulsating nightlife in Bangalore, making it a lively and unforgettable celebration.

  • High Ultra Lounge: Rooftop bar with panoramic views of the city.

Toit Brewpub: Popular for its craft beers and lively atmosphere.

Chandigarh: Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden

Experience an elegant New Year celebration in Chandigarh, blending modern festivities with sophistication, offering a memorable start to the year.

  • Boathouse (Sukhna Lake): Lakeside dining with a romantic ambiance.

Peddlers: A lively pub near Rock Garden with live music.

Shillong: Ward's Lake and Elephant Falls

Lively Shillong comes alive with music festivals and energetic celebrations, creating a dynamic New Year's atmosphere amidst its scenic beauty.

  • Café Shillong: Offers a cozy setting near Ward's Lake.

Dylan's Café: Popular for its live music and laid-back atmosphere.

Jaisalmer: Golden Fort and Sam Sand Dunes

Celebrate New Year's Eve with an exotic touch in Jaisalmer's desert charm, offering unique festivities against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and cultural richness.

  • Suryagarh: Luxury hotel offering a royal dining experience near the Golden Fort.

  • The Gaji's Hotel: Rooftop terrace with views of the Jaisalmer skyline.

Kasol: Parvati River and Kheerganga Trek

Find serenity and joy in Kasol's scenic mountains as you welcome the New Year with tranquility, surrounded by nature's beauty for a peaceful and memorable celebration.

  • Evergreen Café: Popular for its international cuisine and vibrant atmosphere.

Jim Morrison Café: A cozy spot for a relaxed New Year's evening.


Best Places for New Year Celebration in the World

New Orleans, USA: Jazzed-Up Celebrations

Experience the vibrant soul of New Orleans with jazzed-up celebrations. Head to the Preservation Hall for an authentic jazz experience, or join a French Quarter Balcony Party for a lively view of the festivities.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in New Orleans:

  • Preservation Hall Jazz Club: Immerse yourself in the heart of New Orleans jazz with an intimate and authentic performance.

French 75 Bar: Sip on classic cocktails in a sophisticated setting, offering a refined escape amidst the lively celebrations.

Vienna, Austria: Imperial Elegance

Vienna's imperial charm shines on New Year's Eve. Indulge in a New Year's Eve Ball at Hofburg Palace for a grand affair, or savor a gourmet meal at Steirereck im Stadtpark for culinary excellence.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Vienna:

  • Hofburg Palace Silvesterball: Attend the grand ball for an opulent evening filled with waltzes and the majestic ambiance of Hofburg Palace.

  • Le Loft at Sofitel Vienna: Enjoy a luxurious dining experience with panoramic views of the city skyline, combining modern elegance with Viennese tradition.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Tango-infused Nights

Embrace the passion of Buenos Aires with tango-infused nights. Join a Tango Dinner Show at El Querandi for a cultural experience, or revel in the lively atmosphere of Palermo Soho for eclectic nightlife.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Buenos Aires:

  • La Ventana: Experience an authentic tango show in a historic venue, complemented by a sumptuous Argentine feast.

  • Bar 878: Dive into the vibrant nightlife of Palermo Soho with craft cocktails and live music, creating a dynamic and unforgettable celebration.

Reykjavik, Iceland: Arctic Revelry

Celebrate under the Northern Lights in Reykjavik. Toast to the new year at the Perlan Restaurant with panoramic views, or join the Skolabruin Pub Crawl for a taste of Icelandic nightlife.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Reykjavik:

  • Perlan Restaurant: Indulge in a gourmet dining experience with a revolving view of Reykjavik, offering a celestial backdrop to your celebration.

  • Kaffibarinn: Immerse yourself in the local pub scene at Kaffibarinn, known for its cozy atmosphere and lively crowd.

Venice, Italy: Grand Canal Glamour

Venice's Grand Canal adds glamour to New Year's Eve. Dine at Harry's Bar for a classic Venetian experience, or join a Gondola Parade on the Grand Canal for a unique celebration.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Venice:

  • Harry's Bar: Delight in a historical setting and exquisite cuisine, capturing the essence of Venetian elegance.

  • Gritti Palace Terrace: Elevate your celebration with a terrace view of the Grand Canal, combining luxury and breathtaking scenery.

Seoul, South Korea: K-Pop Extravaganza

Seoul's bustling energy transforms into a K-Pop extravaganza. Experience the vibrant nightlife at Gangnam District or join a New Year Countdown at N Seoul Tower for breathtaking views.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Seoul:

  • Octagon Club: Dive into the heart of Seoul's nightlife at Octagon, known for its energetic K-Pop beats and dynamic atmosphere.

  • Namsan Seoul Tower: Witness the city's skyline illuminated by fireworks from the iconic Namsan Seoul Tower, creating a magical countdown experience.

Edinburgh, Scotland: Hogmanay Highlands

Join the Hogmanay Highlands celebrations in Edinburgh. Dine at The Witchery by the Castle for a historic setting, or immerse yourself in the Street Party on Princes Street for a lively night.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Edinburgh:

  • The Scotch Whisky Experience: Begin your celebration with a taste of Scotland's finest whiskies in a historic venue.

  • The Balmoral Bar: Experience the elegance of The Balmoral Hotel's bar, offering a sophisticated atmosphere for a toast to the New Year.

Dublin, Ireland: Temple Bar Revelry

Dublin's Temple Bar district comes alive on New Year's Eve. Enjoy a traditional Irish pub experience at The Temple Bar or explore Grafton Street for a mix of pubs and live music.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Dublin:

The Temple Bar: Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Dublin's most famous pub, known for its live music and vibrant crowd.

The Liquor Rooms: Experience a modern twist to Dublin's nightlife at The Liquor Rooms, offering craft cocktails and a stylish ambiance.

Hanoi, Vietnam: Lantern-lit Celebrations

Celebrate under the lantern-lit skies of Hanoi. Savor Vietnamese cuisine at Cha Ca La Vong or explore the vibrant nightlife of the Old Quarter for a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Hanoi:

Quan An Ngon: Indulge in authentic Vietnamese flavors at Quan An Ngon, known for its diverse and delicious street food.

Dragonfly Bar Lounge: Immerse yourself in the contemporary nightlife scene at Dragonfly, offering creative cocktails and a lively atmosphere.

Zurich, Switzerland: Lakeside Serenity

Zurich's lakeside serenity provides an elegant backdrop for celebrations. Dine at Baur au Lac for culinary excellence, or explore the Niederdorf district for a mix of bars and cafes.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Zurich:

  • Baur au Lac Restaurant: Delight in a gourmet dining experience at Baur au Lac, known for its Michelin-starred cuisine and picturesque setting.

  • Widder Bar & Kitchen: Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Niederdorf district at Widder Bar & Kitchen, offering a stylish and eclectic celebration.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Copacabana Beach Bash

Celebrate on the iconic Copacabana Beach with live samba performances at the Beachfront Samba Lounge. Escape to the Sugarloaf Mountain Retreat for a private celebration with panoramic views.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Rio de Janeiro:

  • Rio Scenarium: Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythm of samba at Rio Scenarium, a renowned venue for live music and dancing.

  • Praia do Leme: Join the beachfront party at Praia do Leme for a lively atmosphere, cocktails, and the enchanting sound of the ocean.

London, UK: Thames Riverside Euphoria

London's Thames Riverside becomes a spectacle on New Year's Eve with fireworks illuminating iconic landmarks. Join the Riverside Gala Dinner for an exclusive experience or modify the Pub Crawl in Westminster for a lively celebration.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in London:

  • Duck & Waffle: Elevate your celebration at Duck & Waffle, a rooftop restaurant offering stunning views of the city skyline.

  • The Shard's Shangri-La Bar: Experience luxury at The Shard's Shangri-La Bar, where panoramic views and exquisite cocktails create an unforgettable New Year's Eve.

Dubai, UAE: Burj Khalifa Extravaganza

Dubai is renowned for its extravagant celebrations, and New Year's Eve is no exception. Join the Sky-High Gala at Burj Club for a sophisticated experience or embark on a unique Desert Safari Countdown.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Dubai:

  • At.mosphere Lounge: Indulge in luxury at At.mosphere, located in the Burj Khalifa, offering breathtaking views and high-end cuisine.

  • Pierchic: Experience a romantic celebration at Pierchic, a overwater restaurant with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

Cape Town, South Africa: Table Mountain Toast

Celebrate against the backdrop of Table Mountain at a Harborview Vineyard Dinner or join a Beachside Jazz Jam for a relaxed celebration on the beaches.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Cape Town:

  • The Test Kitchen: Delight in a culinary journey at The Test Kitchen, known for its inventive dishes and fine dining experience.

  • Shimmy Beach Club: Join the beachfront party at Shimmy Beach Club, offering a vibrant atmosphere, live music, and ocean views.

Hong Kong, China: Victoria Harbour Symphony

Marvel at the fireworks over Victoria Harbour. Experience a luxurious celebration at Sky100 Soiree or embark on a Star Ferry Countdown Cruise for a unique perspective.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Hong Kong:

  • OZONE: Enjoy the highest bar in the world at OZONE, located in the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, with unparalleled views and an extensive drink menu.

  • Aqua Restaurant: Dine at Aqua Restaurant for a sophisticated experience, offering panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and a diverse menu.

Rome, Italy: Colosseum Grandeur

Ring in the new year around the Colosseum. Join a Colosseum Courtyard Dinner for a historical experience or modify by immersing yourself in the vibrant Trastevere Street Party.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Rome:

  • Aroma Restaurant: Indulge in a culinary experience with a view at Aroma, located near the Colosseum and offering a mix of traditional and modern Italian dishes.

  • Salotto 42: Experience the lively atmosphere of Salotto 42, a stylish bar near Piazza di Pietra, known for its cocktails and chic ambiance.

Barcelona, Spain: Gaudi's Extravaganza

Barcelona's architectural wonders set the stage for a unique celebration. Indulge in a Gala Dinner at Casa Batlló or join a Tapas Tasting Tour for a culinary adventure.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Barcelona:

  • Tickets Bar by Albert Adrià: Explore avant-garde cuisine at Tickets Bar, where molecular gastronomy meets traditional Spanish flavors.

  • Eclipse Barcelona: Celebrate in style at Eclipse Barcelona, a rooftop bar with panoramic views of the city and creative cocktails.

Las Vegas, USA: Strip Spectacle

Experience the dazzling lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Opt for a VIP Package at a Top Casino or revel in a Champagne Cruise on Lake Mead for a glamorous celebration.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Las Vegas:

  • Joël Robuchon: Indulge in a gourmet experience at Joël Robuchon, a Michelin-starred restaurant offering French haute cuisine.

  • XS Nightclub: Dive into the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas at XS Nightclub, known for its high-energy atmosphere and top-notch DJs.

Prague, Czech Republic: Old Town Elegance

Prague's charming Old Town is a picturesque setting for New Year's Eve. Enjoy a Gala Dinner at Municipal House or join a Vltava River Cruise for panoramic views.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Prague:

  • La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise: Delight in an elegant culinary experience at La Degustation, offering a tasting menu of Czech and international flavors.

  • Chapeau Rouge: Experience the vibrant nightlife of Prague at Chapeau Rouge, a historic venue with multiple floors and eclectic music.

Cancun, Mexico: Beachfront Fiesta

Celebrate on the pristine beaches of Cancun. Join a Beachfront Gala at Playa Delfines or experience a Nightclub Crawl in the Hotel Zone for a lively night.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Cancun:

  • Puerto Madero: Savor oceanfront dining at Puerto Madero, known for its seafood and Argentinian cuisine.

  • Palazzo Cancun: Join the party at Palazzo Cancun, a popular nightclub with themed events and a vibrant atmosphere.

Singapore: Marina Bay Countdown

Singapore's Marina Bay hosts a dazzling countdown. Opt for a Skyline Celebration at CE LA VI or embark on a River Cruise with Dinner for a unique perspective.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Singapore:

  • Ce La Vi: Experience the glamour of Ce La Vi, located atop Marina Bay Sands, offering stunning views and an upscale atmosphere.

  • Royal Albatross: Sail into the new year with a unique experience on the Royal Albatross, a luxury tall ship offering a dinner cruise with fireworks views.

Berlin, Germany: Brandenburg Gate Extravaganza

Welcome the new year at Berlin's iconic Brandenburg Gate. Join a VIP Party at Brandenburger Tor or explore the Underground Clubs of Berlin for an alternative celebration.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Berlin:

  • Grill Royal: Indulge in a riverside dining experience at Grill Royal, known for its prime steaks and contemporary ambiance.

  • Berghain: Dive into Berlin's electronic music scene at Berghain, a legendary nightclub housed in a former power station.

Istanbul, Turkey: Bosphorus Beauty

Celebrate on the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul. Enjoy a Bosphorus Dinner Cruise or join a New Year's Eve Party at Anjelique for a chic and stylish celebration.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Istanbul:

  • Anjelique: Experience a sophisticated party atmosphere at Anjelique, located on the Bosphorus, with breathtaking views and contemporary design.

  • 360 Istanbul: Enjoy panoramic views of Istanbul at 360 Istanbul, a rooftop bar offering a mix of international and Turkish cuisine.

Bangkok, Thailand: Rooftop Revelry

Bangkok's skyline comes alive on New Year's Eve. Opt for a Rooftop Gala at Vertigo TOO or explore the vibrant street celebrations of Khao San Road for a lively experience.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Bangkok:

  • Vertigo TOO: Dine in the sky at Vertigo TOO, located on the 60th floor, offering breathtaking views and a menu of international delights.

  • Sing Sing Theater: Immerse yourself in a unique nightlife experience at Sing Sing Theater, known for its theatrical design and energetic performances.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Canal-side Charm

Ring in the new year along Amsterdam's picturesque canals. Join a Canal Cruise with Fireworks Viewing or experience the Nightlife of Leidseplein for a festive celebration.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Amsterdam:

  • De Kas: Delight in a culinary experience at De Kas, a greenhouse restaurant serving seasonal and locally sourced dishes.

  • Paradiso: Join the party at Paradiso, a historic music venue housed in a former church, featuring diverse music genres and a lively atmosphere.

Sydney, Australia: Harborfront Spectacle

Welcome the new year with the iconic Sydney Harbour fireworks. Opt for a Harbor Cruise with Dinner or explore the Rooftop Bars of The Rocks for panoramic views.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Sydney:

  • Quay: Indulge in a world-class dining experience at Quay, located along the harbor, offering modern Australian cuisine and stunning views.

  • O Bar and Dining: Enjoy a rotating dining experience at O Bar and Dining, a revolving restaurant with 360-degree views of Sydney.

Stockholm, Sweden: Archipelago Elegance

Celebrate in the stunning archipelago of Stockholm. Join a New Year's Eve Dinner at Operakällaren or explore the Trendy Bars of Södermalm for a vibrant celebration.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Stockholm:

  • Operakällaren: Experience a grand celebration at Operakällaren, a historic restaurant offering a luxurious setting and gourmet cuisine.

  • Tjoget: Dive into the lively atmosphere of Tjoget, a trendy bar in Södermalm, known for its inventive cocktails and stylish ambiance.

Marrakech, Morocco: Desert Oasis Celebration

Ring in the new year in the exotic setting of Marrakech. Enjoy a Desert Safari Dinner or join the Festive Atmosphere of Jemaa el-Fnaa for a cultural celebration.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Marrakech:

  • Le Comptoir Darna: Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Le Comptoir Darna, a restaurant and club offering Moroccan cuisine and lively entertainment.

  • La Mamounia: Indulge in luxury at La Mamounia, a historic hotel with beautiful gardens, offering a refined setting for celebrations.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Petronas Panorama

Celebrate with a panoramic view of the Petronas Towers. Join a Sky-High Gala at Marini's on 57 or explore the Nightlife of Bukit Bintang for a dynamic celebration.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Kuala Lumpur:

  • Marini's on 57: Dine in the sky at Marini's on 57, a rooftop bar and restaurant offering breathtaking views and Italian cuisine.

  • Zouk Club: Immerse yourself in the energetic nightlife of Kuala Lumpur at Zouk Club, a popular venue with multiple dance floors and top DJs.

Montreal, Canada: Old Port Charm

Celebrate in the charming Old Port of Montreal. Join a New Year's Eve Soirée at Auberge Saint-Gabriel or explore the Jazz Bars of Rue Saint-Denis for a musical celebration.

Recommended Venues for New Year Celebration in Montreal:

  • Auberge Saint-Gabriel: Experience a historic celebration at Auberge Saint-Gabriel, a renowned restaurant and event venue with a festive atmosphere.

Modavie: Enjoy live jazz at Modavie, a stylish restaurant on Rue Saint-Denis, offering a blend of French cuisine and musical entertainment.


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