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Popular Kashmir Tour Packages From Kolkata

Many tourists are set on visiting Kashmir, frequently called "Paradise on Earth." With our Kashmir tour package from Chennai, a trip organiser in india provides the ideal answer if you're considering a vacation to this tranquil valley from  Chennai.

About Kashmir Packages From Kolkata

The Kashmir tour packages from Chennai are essential as they provide various perks and benefits to visitors from outside. Booking without hassles might be challenging. With a  Chennai to Kashmir holiday package, all your travel needs, including lodging, are covered, letting you unwind and enjoy the scenery. 

Packages provide experiences specially chosen for the traveler. A delightful trip is guaranteed for everyone with the Kashmir holiday packages from Chennai, regardless of whether you're a nature lover or a cultural enthusiast.

You frequently receive better value when you take a package for your travel needs. There is a package fit for any budget among the Chennai to Kashmir tour packages.

Top 5 Destinations To Explore On Kashmir Tour Packages

1. Katra

Katra is one of the underrated gems when it comes to the list of top Jammu and Kashmir tourist places. This small town on the lap of the lower Himalayas has a spectacular view, especially when you climb on top of the Vaishno Devi mandir.

What’s Special: Vaishno Devi Temple
Nearby Attractions: Sanasar, Baba Dhansar
Timings: March and October
Best Hotels: Vivanta Katra, Welcomhotel by ITC Hotels, Katra
How to Reach: Bus, taxi, or cab from Jammu Airport or Udhampur railway station
Distance From City: 240 kms from Srinagar; 50 km from Jammu
Transportation Options: Bus, cab, taxi

2. Jammu

Jammu, which is the southernmost part of Kashmir, is jokingly referred to as the state's winter capital. Jammu is where most tourists start their vacations after leaving their final destination. Several mountain ranges in this area, including Trikuta Hills, the Shivalik, Pir Panjal Range, and the Tawi River Basin. These are some of the major attractions for people looking for top honeymoon packages in India.

What’s Special: Ancient forts, Scenic splendor,
Nearby Attractions: Gulabgarh Fort, Patnitop, Vaishno Devi Temple
Timings: October to early April
Best Hotels: Hari Niwas Palace, Radisson Blu Jammu, Fortune Inn Riviera
How to Reach: Via flight from any major city to Jammu airport Or via train from any major city to Jammu Tawi railway station
Distance From City: 256 km from Srinagar via road
Transportation Options: Train, bus, cab, flight

3. Patnitop

With its snow-covered mountain ranges that resemble the Alps, another hill station distant from the busy cities is more like a dream come true. The River Chenab, the nourishing source of the adjacent grasslands and fields, lies close to this charming little city. 

What’s Special: Beautiful vistas for family outings
Nearby Attractions: Vaishno Devi, Nag, Buddha Amarnath, and the Bahu fort
Timings: May to June
Best Hotels: Hotel Forest View, Hotel Green Top, Hotel Patnitop
How to Reach: Take a taxi, bus, or cab from Jammu Airport or Jammu Tawi station
Distance From City: 100 km from Jammu; 166 km from Srinagar
Transportation Options: Taxi, bus, cab

4. Pulwama

Pulwama, often known as the "Rice Bowl of Kashmir," is a small village in Kashmir that is located around 40 kilometers from Srinagar. Pulwama is often included in the Kashmir tour packages of all adventure seekers. 

What’s Special: Best quality saffron producer
Nearby Attractions: Avantishwar Temple, Tarsar and Marsar Lakes
Timings: April to October
Best Hotels: Hotel Akbar Pulwama, Hotel Heritage Luxury
How to Reach: Bus or cab from Srinagar airport
Distance From City: 30 km from Srinagar; 230 km from Jammu

5. Kathua

Kathua is undoubtedly one of the most surreal places in Jammu and Kashmir. The numerous small canals across the town make Kathua a go-to destination in Jammu and Kashmir. When visiting Kathua, explore its historical landmarks like Bhadu Fort, Jasmer Garh Fort, and Jasrota Fort. A few hours' drive from the Jammu airport, this town is rich in culture and history for visitors. 

What’s Special: Bhadu Fort, Jasmer Garh Fort, and Jasrota Fort
Nearby Attractions: Duggan Valley, Ranjit Sagar Dam
Timings: January to February and November to December
Best Hotels: Hotel Grand Plaza, Hotel Hallmark, Comfort Inn Coral River
How to Reach: Take a cab or bus from Jammu airport
Distance From City: 284 km from Srinagar; 80 km from Jammu
Transportation Options: Bus, cab, taxi

Best Time To Visit 

Summer Season

The summer season starts in April and ends in July in Kashmir. The weather during this season is pleasant and comfortable. With no chance of rain, the temperature ranges between 25? to 32?. Due to limitations on certain destinations during the winter, you get to visit in summer. Also, as it is high time for agriculture, you get to try different fruits like apricots, peaches, cherries, and many more.

Monsoon Season

The monsoon in Kashmir is between July to September. The rainfall during the monsoon is light in Kashmir. While monsoon is not popular in Kashmir, people visit to enjoy the off-season discounts on flights and accommodations.

Winter Season

Here, the winter is from November to February. This is the peak season when visitors from all over India and abroad come to Kashmir to enjoy the snow with their partners, friends, or family. Winter sports activities like skiing are available during this time. The temperature usually ranges between 10? to 12?.

How to Reach

By Air

There are a good number of direct flights to reach Kashmir from Chennai. The Chennai to Kashmir tour packages provide the most economical flight for your budget. You can also choose your flight at your convenience from the list of flights that run from Chennai to Kashmir.

By Rail

In contrast to flights, there are no direct trains that run from Chennai to Kashmir. However, you can catch a train to reach Bangalore, from where you can take a direct flight to Srinagar.

By Road

Road transportation services through buses and cars are unavailable from Chennai to Srinagar. Instead, you can take a direct flight to Jammu and opt for a bus or cab directly to Srinagar.

Things To Do In Kashmir?

Srinagar Houseboat Stay

A stay on a traditional houseboat on Dal Lake in Srinagar will allow you to appreciate Kashmir's distinct charm fully. Mostly, a houseboat stay comes within the cheapest tour packages for Kashmir. Take in the tranquil atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and relaxing sound of the water as it ripples. It's a tranquil and romantic getaway where you may get to know the people and their culture.

Go Apple-Picking

With Chennai to Kashmir tour packages, ensure a trip through Jammu and Kashmir's never-ending green orchards and pick ripe, cherry-red apples that bend moss-covered cottage trees. Green, blooming trees covered in ripe, glossy apples are all over Srinagar. Remember that September and October are the ideal months to visit these orchards.  

Go on a Wildlife Safari at the Dachigam National Park 

If you love animals, pick one of the exciting wildlife safaris offered by Kashmir trip packages at the renowned Dachigam National Park. Several magnificent animal species, like the hill fox, musk deer, long-tailed marmot, leopard, Himalayan weasel, and Himalayan black bear, jackal, can be seen on a safari through this breathtaking national park. 

Snowboarding and Skiing

Skiing down ice slopes and snowboarding through the white dust is indeed one of the best things to do with the Kashmir honeymoon packages from Chennai in winter.

Include snowboarding in your Kashmir tour packages if you are going with children and see their delight. Some summer months can preclude the possibility of these activities. To choose the ideal time to visit Kashmir, make sure to consult with our travel experts.

Kashmir Tourism: Local Dishes to Try

Lyodur Tschaman

A large variety of mouthwatering vegetarian dishes are also included in the cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir. In a decadent, creamy turmeric paste, fluffy cottage cheese is cooked. Enjoy this dish with some roti, rice, or bread.


In Jammu and Kashmir, the celebrated regional dish known as goshtaba is cooked for important celebrations. The meatballs have a delicious flavor and a spongy texture which is enough to make your Kashmir tour packages special. 

Freshly minced mutton, cardamom seeds, ghee, curd, finely diced onions, and a few local spices are the essential ingredients used in the production of goshtaba. The finished dish may appear basic, but it will explode with distinctive tastes when eaten. 

Kashmiri Dum Aloo (Potato Curry)

Here is a fiery potato dish, known locally as "dum olav," to liven up your Kashmir gift. The best Kashmir tour packages include this cuisine in their food itinerary. So, choose one of the Kashmir tour packages that gives you the chance to try and devour this treat.

Travel Tips

Carry sufficient cash

It would help to remember to carry sufficient cash for emergencies. As your Kashmir tour packages from Chennai cover all your food and lodging expenses, it is smart to carry more than enough cash as you might encounter situations where you need to buy certain items as souvenirs for your loved ones.

Keep your luggage light

Always remember to carry the necessary items and discard the unnecessary ones. It will become a burden, especially when you go for a trek during the vacation.

Take necessary medicines along

If you are a patient and require medication daily, it is essential to carry your medicines to avoid complications. Also, as you travel to a different place, take a few medicines that might become handy in certain situations.

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Plan your Kashmir vacations with Trip Planners India and experience one of India's most picturesque vacation spots. A journey to Kashmir will take you through breathtaking mountains, lush surroundings, lovely valleys, captivating lakes, enormous meadows, and more. 

Thrill-seekers can experience the rush of participating in some of the many high-altitude activities available in the best tour packages in India with Trip Planners India, including mountain biking, skiing, rafting, and paragliding. 

Take advantage of discounts and deals on a range of Kashmir New Year packages offered on the Trip Planners site, which can be tailored specifically for you. So why are you still waiting? Travel to Kashmir and allow this magical place to leave you with lifelong memories to treasure!

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