Top 15 Things to Do in Dalhousie: Top-Rated Attractions

May 8, 2024

Situated in the subtropical mists and humid air of the Chambal District is the frosted hill station commonly known as Dalhousie. This sky-reaching town- spanning across 5 hills of the Dhauladhar mountain range- is one of the most visited hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. This place is known for being the summer retreat of the Earl of Dalhousie. As the summers beat down on us and the heatwaves make the air ripple, there are no better places to go in India than the hills. What's more- there are far too many things to keep you engaged as you take in the cool weather. From the Tibetan markets to the crystalline lakes, Dalhousie, one of the best hill stations in India, offering serene landscapes, colonial charm, and enchanting mountain views.

Here Are The Best 15 Things to Do in Dalhousie

1. Experience The Magic Of Whispering Woods -  Panch Pulla

Panchpula is one of the best things to do in dalhousie

Among the best Dalhousie places to visit is the cool respite that is Panchpula. The name is a reference to the five bridges that characterise this place. For those who enjoy traversing through foliage and dipping their feet in pools fed by waterfalls, Panchpula is nothing short of sheer beauty. The greenery and the waterfalls of Panchpula are healing sights for sore eyes. If you're a romantic at heart, the deodar and pine trees are sure to steal away your breath.

Discover the enchanting places to visit in Dalhousie, where each corner offers a blend of tranquility and scenic beauty.

  • Things to do: Picnics, trekking, lovers of nature
  • Distance from the main city: 3.5 Kilometres 

2. Paraglide into the sky in Khajjiar

Khajjiar is one of the best things to do in dalhousie

You cannot conclude your Dalhousie tour package without visiting Khajjiar. Neighbouring the hill station, this small town is esteemed for its pine and deodar forests. One of the foremost places to visit near Dalhousie, this is your place to go if you want to enjoy both the serenity of the hills and dial up the thrill with some adventure sports. The Khajjiar Lake is set against the thick green forests and the snowy peaks of the Kailash, which makes for a resplendent and calm view.

At the same time, there are many adventure sports camps offering paragliding to tourists from the hills. One way to enjoy the view of the lake is to glide over it! And the best part is that you'll find paragliding included in most Dalhousie Khajjiar tour packages.

Making it a must-try experience for your list of places to visit in north India. Keep these facts in mind before booking your trip:

  • Things to do: Paragliding, boating.
  • Distance from the main city: 20 kilometres
  • Timings: Morning to evening

3. Boat across the Chamera Lake

Chamera Lake is one of the best things to do in dalhousie

This is one of the major attractions of Dalhousie. Chamera Lake is a vibrant spot and perhaps the best place to go in summer if you're near Dalhousie. This is an artificial lake nestled among the riot of green winter forests surrounding it. Dip your toes into the water as you boat around the body of water. If you're looking for places to visit in May in India, lakes might answer your call. 

This lake is a part of a larger hydroelectric project. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that its green waters offer some of the best boating experiences in hill stations. This is the place to go to if you're typing to beat the summer heat. The water body adds to the cool temperatures that make Dalhousie especially enjoyable.

Keep these details in mind before you visit:

  • Things to do: Boating, River rafting, Canoeing, Water activities
  • Distance from the main city: 25 kilometres

4. Plunge into the Satdhara Falls

Satdhara Falls is one of the best things to do in dalhousie

Right after the travel fatigue catches up to you, there's no better way to wash it away than to plunge into the therapeutic waters. This is another way to beat the heat as the temperatures soar up. The force of the waterfall can also help with aches and pains in the body.

This magnificent waterfall, cascading down from great heights, is among the best places to vist in India. The waterfall comprises 7 springs that contain different healing minerals and natural oils.  This is an ideal opportunity to reap the medicinal and healing properties of natural and freshwater sources. Alternatively, this is a great place for you to experiment with ethereal underwater photography.

  • Things to do: Soaking in the pools, picnics, healing trips
  • Distance from the main city: 3.5 Kilometres

5. Conquer the summit of Dainkund Peak

Dainkund Peak is one of the best things to do in dalhousie

You might know of this hill as the one that sings. Taking the peak as the highest point in Dalhousie, the Dainkund Peak is one of the best places to visit in summer in India if you're looking for a traditional snow-capped retreat. However, what makes this location truly splendid are the three meandering rivers of Beas, Ravi, and Chenab, cutting through the valleys. These rivers intertwine along the valley of the peaks, creating a breathtaking amalgam. The gurgling force of the river also creates an incredible mist that sprays across the air, creating an enchanting background for pictures. 

This peak ranks among the best places in Himachal for the traditional experience of the hills. From trekking and hiking along the slopes to catching the first sunrise peak through the frozen caps, these singing hills will echo your happiness and joy for a lifetime. 

  • Things to do:  Trekking
  • Distance from the main city: 12.7 kilometres

6. Connect with your spiritual side at Chamunda Devi Temple

Another religious site that is included in a Himachal trip package is this temple in reverence of Goddess Kali. Chamunda Devi is one of the numerous forms of Goddess Durga and is a part of the Hindu pantheon of gods. This temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths- or the spot where the body parts of Goddess Durga were scattered. This makes it sacred and one of the best religious sites in Himachal. Tour Packages From Delhi. 

Even if you're not religious, you can certainly enjoy the vibrant view of the surrounding villages in the area. This makes it a great spot for not just pilgrims but also travellers who are just looking for a vibrant spot for wandering. 

  • Things to do:  praying, pilgrimage
  • Distance from the main city: 128 kilometres

7. See the echoing architecture of St. John's Church

If you resonate with the quiet and meditative atmosphere of churches, St. John's Church is one of the most visited churches among the ones located in hill stations in India. Built in the year 1863, this Protestant church holds great historico-religious significance. The style of architecture is reminiscent of the British colonial times. The tinted glass panes, the wood carvings, and the design of the church make this a great place for history and architecture buffs. 

This is also a great spot for wedding photography against the backdrop of the church and the pine forest surrounding it. The coolth and shade of this church also makes it one of the best places to visit in India in May with family. You can also experience the incredible acoustics of the church through the choirs and hymns that echo throughout the premise.

  • Things to do:  Photography, weddings
  • Distance from the main city: 650 metres

8. Support local craftspeople at the Tibetan Handicrafts Market

Tibetan Handicrafts Market is one of the best things to do in dalhousie

If you like collectibles and items that remind you of your Dalhousie trip package, make a shopping stop at the Tibetan Market. This is where you can unleash the shopaholic within you! With some of the best handcrafted and boutique articles, there won't be a lack of what you want to take home! From soft woollen shawls to wooden dolls and figurines. 

This is the place where you'll see a confluence of Tibetan influence on local art, clothes, and jewellery. You might just find some of the most intricate and unique Indo-Tibetan art pieces here that will become permanent installations at your home! Indisputably, this is one of the unskippable cool places to travel.

  • Things to do:  Shopping, Tibetan food
  • Distance from the main city: 2.2 Kilometres

9. Spot the sunrise from Ganji Pahari

Ganji Pahari is one of the best things to do in dalhousie

Trekking is an indispensable part of any good hill station tour. Ganji Pahari checks that right off the list as a peak situated in the Bakrota Hills, no more than an hour away from Dalhousie. This hill is mostly barren, which earns it the nickname "bald hills," and is one of the best Dalhousie things to do for those who don't mind rigorous physical activities like camping, hill climbing, and trekking. 

One of the unique facts about this trek is that travellers can embark on it all year round. Summers are fairly cool and bright, making for a comfortable climb, while the winter snow draws many people to the climb. You start from the base of Panchpula and then climb to the barren hilltop behind the sight of the fog-dense horizon!

  • Things to do: Trekking, mountain climbing, camping
  • Distance from the main city: 5 kilometres

10. Whisper to the animals at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

This is one of the best family trip places for people planning to visit with kids, especially if they enjoy the company of animals. All across Himachal Pradesh, the Kalatop Wildlife Reserve enjoys the largest acclaim as a wildlife sanctuary that safeguards the Himalayan Bears. It also houses deer and a plethora of rare bird species. This is a top attraction in Dalhousie for its Himalayan bear reserves and the surrounding flora, which includes trees that have been ageing for hundreds of years. 

If you're passionate about animals and love to learn about their habitat and ways of preserving them, this is a spot you should not miss. In fact, this is a frequent place for students of zoology to visit. However, always make sure not to tamper or interact with the animals unless guided by professionals. That not only hinders their natural habitat but can also prove to be dangerous for tourists. 

  • Things to do:  Day trips, visit the Wildlife reserve, the Khajjiar Lake
  • Distance from the main city:  6 kilometres

11. See the olden water reserves at Subhash Baoli

This spot is named after the freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose. This is a quiet and secluded chamber originally used for storing water. Baolis have been an important part of storing water and resources throughout Indian history. There are not many surviving Baolis in India at present, which makes this a unique space to visit. You can see the underground well and how resources were stored historically. This is definitely a lesser-known place to include in your Dalhousie sightseeing package.

  • Things to do: Rest and relaxation, photography
  • Distance from the main city: 1.7 kilometres

12. Take a warm stroll at Garam Sadak

Garam Sadak is one of the best things to do in dalhousie

Who knew a place included in Dalhousie Travel Packages could have a name that literally translates to "a hot road"? High temperatures are certainly not something you associate with a hill station like Dalhousie. This makes this road quite unique because the direct sunlight that it receives during the day, along with its surrounding foliage, makes it quite warm! 

If you're shy of the cold, strolling across this road might just give your bones the defrost they need! The sunlight on this road is bright and warm, which is perfect to break you out of the winter chill! You also get to enjoy the sight of the valley down below and the shimmering landscape. This place is easy to include in any Dalhousie budget trip.

  • Things to do: Strolling, photography
  • Distance from the main city: 2.7 kilometres

13. More trekking at Bakrota Hills

Bakrota Hills is one of the best things to do in dalhousie

Also known as upper Bakotra, these hills are perfect for giving your eyes the green therapy that they need! Overlooking this hill is the lush, viridescent view of foliage and planes. If you're looking for the best honeymoon places in India in December, at the cusp of winter, add the Bakrota Hills to your list. This is one of the highest elevated points among Dalhousie trekking hills and is surrounded by the walkway called the Bakrota Walk. 

This is ideal for those who love the cold, fresh air and prefer your tour plan for Dalhousie to be in the winter months. Bring your photography gear, too, as this vibrant spot will be a sight for sore eyes and something you'll want to remember. This is also a great spot for enjoying brunch on picnic mats as you watch the birds fly around. 

14. Travel the road less taken at Chamba Town

Another spot to include in your Dalhousie trekking packages is the historical Chamba Town- you wouldn't want to miss the Dalhousie to Chamba trekking route. This is our opportunity to experience the lush green deodar and pine first on the walkway! There are numerous guides and experienced trekkers who would love to assist you on this trail. Additionally, this is a beginner-friendly trail that is easy to traverse. 

If you're looking for a quick detour, the Sach Pass in the Chamba District is a great off-route spot. This mountain pass overlooks the Pir Panjal Mountain range. This is an extremely important pass for local travel as it is a major connecting spot between Chamba, Dalhousie, and Pangi Valley, as well as the shortest route to Killar.

This region receives ample snowfall that requires frequent clearing, making it one of the best Dalhousie places to visit in April. If you are travelling during the winter, this place is a place you will truly enjoy. 

  • Things to do: trekking, camping, photography
  • Distance from the main city: 149 kilometres

15. Listen to the hymns at Laxmi Narayan Temple

This is one of the oldest temples in Himachal, dating back to the 10th century. This makes it an incredibly historically charged place that people have been visiting for centuries. It is also one of the best tourist places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. This temple was founded to worship the Hindu goddess Laxmi and the god Vishnu. If you're a pilgrim on a spiritual journey, this temple might be the spot of respite you've been seeking. 

Alternatively, for non-religious travellers, this is a great place to learn about the Hindu pantheon and the folklore surrounding them. You can also visit the surrounding villages and meander through the vibrant streets. One of the things to do in Dalhousie in April is to offer prayers within the temple compounds in the quiet and listen to the hymns and songs. 

  • Things to do: Praying, pilgrimage
  • Distance from the main city: 43 km

Famous local street food in Dalhousie

With thousands of people taking their summer trips to Dalhousie, it is safe to say that it is one of the most loved hill stations in our country. However, it's not just the weather that attracts people from all over. This hill station also boasts some of the best cuisine and street food that brings joy to your palettes. In fact, any Dalhousie tour and travel is incomplete without its food culture. There are numerous eateries and food shawls strewn across the slopes. Here are some items you ought to sample:

Tudkiya Bhath: This is a cooked lentil and rice dish that is simmered with potatoes, garlic, ginger, onion, and yoghurt. This is further seasoned with cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaves, and red chilli. This spicy dish has a fluffy texture and is served with dal. This is one of the dishes that Dalhousie famous for. 

Aktori: This is an old recipe that comes from Lahore and Spiti. Aktori is a type of pancake made using buckwheat leaves and flour. It is commonly eaten with a side dip of honey or ghee. This is one of the most celebrated dishes you'll find in Himachal Pradesh and is a seminal part of Dalhousie tourism.

Best Time To Visit Dalhousie

Arguably, the best season to visit Dalhousie would be the summer. In fact, this is among the top places to go in May. As the temperatures soar to 40 degrees, there's no better time to steal away to the hills. This is when you can best enjoy the cool climate and give yourself a break from the sweltering heat waves.

However, that does not mean you cannot visit Dalhousie Hill Station at other times of the year. Many people like to visit hill stations during winter to experience the full glory of the white snow. If you mind the cold and would like to experience snowfall, November to February might be the best time to visit Dalhousie. 

That's not all. If you're on a tight budget, you might want to look into the monsoon months. This is certainly a lesser preferred slot among Dalhousie best time to visit. This is because the rains make the roads quite slippery and cause roadblocks that put a halt to travel. Plus, the rain also puts a stop to many of the activities that you can do during your visit. However, if you want to visit Honeymoon Destinations In India In Low Budget or are planning a leisure trip that does not have too many rigorous activities, the months of July to September might be best suited for you!

How To Reach Dalhousie?

Depending on where you're travelling from, there are several routes you can take. Let's look at some of the options:

Train: If you're travelling by train, it's worth knowing that the nearest train station to Dalhousie is the Pathankot railway station. It is situated 86 kilometres from the main city. You can take a cab or a bus from the station to the hill station. Taxis might cost around 2000 rupees while the bus is significantly cheaper at 120 rupees. 

Flight: If you're planning to take the airways, it's worth knowing that the nearest airports to Dalhousie are the Jammu Airport, 170 kilometres away; the Kangra Airport, 108 kilometres away; and the Amritsar Airport, 208 kilometres away. Once you reach there, you must avail yourself of a bus service to take a cab to Dalhousie. 

Road: Many people prefer to go to hill stations by road during the winter months to get the full experience of a road trip. The best part is that the best area to stay in Dalhousie is well-connected to most major highways and major cities in the region. You can drive yourself or take advantage of the numerous overnight bus services that are specifically aimed at hill station goers.

Local transport: If you're located near Dalhousie and do not need to make a long journey, you can easily find numerous intercity cabs and buses that take you to your resort or homestay. If you're travelling within Dalhousie, there are many local transports-from tuk tuks to cabs and even horse rides that can take you around the city. You can even cover a large part of Dalhousie while walking. 

How Do Trip Planners India Help You?

As the best trip planners in India, we take your travelling preferences and time seriously. Everyone needs a good break from time to time that fits their mode of relaxation and rejuvenation. We understand the need for options on your Dalhousie trip itinerary that fit unique ways of travelling and experiencing new places. 

Whether it is finding the best tourist places in Himachal Pradesh or an adventure trail along steep hills, our travel plans and packages cover it all! Our exclusive packages also let you curate your travel to unique and unexplored areas! Pick the place you want to see, and we'll work with you to make it happen. From helping you choose the best location to stay in Dalhousie to meal plans down to the last detail, we have got you covered. 

At Trip Planners India, we encourage your inner explorer to take charge of your destination as we support and facilitate all your travel plans! So contact us for that dreamy Dalhousie tour today!


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