What Is The Best Time To Visit Manali For Snowfall

September 25, 2023

Manali, a popular hill station in India, changes into a winter paradise this season. The snow-covered landscapes and the chilly weather provide visitors with a breathtaking experience. Manali tour packages are available all year round to make your trip convenient and enjoyable. Here is a guide to the best time to visit Manali for snowfall.

Weather In Manali

Manali's winter charm is best appreciated from late December to February, when it usually snows, making it the best time to visit Shimla Manali for snowfall. The region frequently experiences below-freezing temperatures during this time, and snowfall timing in Manali is perfect. Snow enthusiasts and people seeking a tranquil winter holiday will adore it during the best time to see snow in Manali. Among the top things to do in Manali during winter is to enjoy the snowfall, explore the scenic beauty, and indulge in winter sports. Below is a weather table for Manali from January to December. This will give you an idea of the best time to visit Manali for snow.


Average Temperature (°C)

Precipitation (mm) 

Snowfall (cm)



85 mm         

57 cm   



87 mm

63 cm  



115 mm    

32 cm         



76 mm            

6 cm       



50 mm  

0 cm



68 mm    

0 cm



136 mm

0 cm



135 mm 

0 cm     



64 mm   

0 cm



35 mm          

0 cm     



18 mm         

7 cm 



41 mm     

34 cm  


This table overviews Manali's seasonal weather, including how much snow is expected throughout the winter. It will give you a crystal clear idea of the best time to visit Manali for snowfall. 

Manali In Summer (March-June)

The best time to visit Manali is during the summer, from March to June. During these months, Manali experiences warm, pleasant temperatures, making it the ideal destination for a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway.

  • Temperature: Manali experiences pleasant, temperate weather during this season, with temperatures ranging from 7 to 25 degrees Celsius. It offers a much-needed break from the intense summer heat in other parts of India.
  • Lush Greenery: Manali is filled with colorful flowers and a green landscape. The apple orchards and meadows come to life, creating breathtaking scenery that is a visual delight.
  • Adventure Activities: This is a great time to go on an adventure. Outdoor activities, including hiking, paragliding, river rafting, and mountain biking, are made possible by the excellent weather.
  • Sightseeing: You can travel to popular tourist locations like Hadimba Temple, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, and Old Manali without encountering any roadblocks or a lot of snow.
  • Cultural Experiences: Participate in local celebrations and cultural events. The Himachali people are kind; you can join them in festivals and celebrations like Holi.

However, Manali can become crowded during this popular travel season. It is advisable to identify the best time to visit Manali for snowfall and book your lodging and activities in advance to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable trip to this picturesque hill station throughout the summer.

Manali In Monsoon (July-Sep)

When visiting Manali, the monsoon season lasts from July to September and offers unique challenges and appeal. You should be aware of the following:

  • Rainfall: Manali experiences moderate to heavy rainfall during these months. The rivers flow more vigorously, and the green vegetation becomes even more vibrant. The area's natural beauty is at its finest.
  • Temperature: Temperatures range from 10°C to 25°C, offering relief from the summer heat. However, it's essential to pack rain gear and warm clothing as evenings can get chilly.
  • Landslides and Roadblocks: Heavy rain can result in roadblocks and landslides, forcing travelers to change their travel arrangements. It's crucial to monitor traffic conditions and prepare for delays.
  • Less Crowded: During the monsoon season, Manali is less congested, which makes it a more pleasant and serene location. You can explore popular areas because that’s the best time to visit Manali for snow.
  • Adventure Sports: Although some adventure sports in Manali, including river rafting and trekking, are accessible, it is crucial to ask local operators about safety standards.
  • Festivals: Regional events such as the Naggar Castle Festival occasionally occur during the rainy season. Participating in these festivities can help you learn about the local culture.

Going to Manali during the monsoon season offers a distinctive experience for nature enthusiasts and those looking for a more relaxed break. However, travelers should plan their activities accordingly and be prepared for the rain challenges.

Manali In Winter (Oct-Feb) 

For those seeking the captivating beauty of snow-covered landscapes and a breathtaking winter wonderland, the best month to visit Manali for snow is during the peak winter season from December to February.

  • Snowfall: The best month to visit Manali for snow are late December through early February as they are the snowiest months. January is generally recommended when it snows as the best time to visit Manali for snowfall since the landscapes are completely blanketed in snow and make for an amazing sight.
  • Temperature: Temperatures below 0°C throughout the winter are likely, especially at night. The range of daytime temperatures is -5 to 10 degrees Celsius. Warm, layered clothing must be brought.
  • Snow Activities: Winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and snow trekking are fantastic. For winter sports lovers, the Solang Valley has become a popular destination.
  • Beautiful Landscapes: Photographers have many opportunities to capture stunning images of houses, trees, and mountains blanketed in snow.
  • Festivals: During the winter, which is the best month to visit Manali for snow, Manali hosts Christmas and New Year celebrations. The festivities add a distinct beauty to the chilly surroundings.
  • Manali is transformed into a snowy paradise from October to February, attracting tourists looking for a taste of a winter wonderland. So, it is undoubtedly the best time to visit Manali for snowfall. 

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Manali Tour Packages From Different Cities

  • Manali tour package from Chennai

A vacation package to Manali packages from Chennai is a fantastic opportunity to see this beautiful hill town. The best time to visit Manali for snow is in the winter, from late December to February when you can witness snowfall. To escape the intense heat of the city, tourists from Chennai can experience Manali's cold, snowy landscapes during this season. Making arrangements in advance is necessary to guarantee a delightful and hassle-free winter journey from Chennai to Manali.

  • Manali packages from Mumbai 

If you're planning a Manali travel package from Mumbai and want to experience the snowfall, the best time to visit Kullu Manali for snowfall is during the winter months, from late December to February. Snowfall timing in Manali is optimal during this time and transforms the surroundings into a winter wonderland. It's vital to check weather forecasts because Manali's snowfall schedule fluctuates, so keep that in mind if you want to maximize your chances of experiencing snow on your trip from Mumbai.

  • Kolkata to Manali Tour Package

People traveling from Kolkata to Manali tour packages and looking for the best time to see snow in Manali are encouraged to plan their journey during the winter. The best snowfall time in Manali is from late December to early February. Manali experiences heavy snowfall during this time, transforming it into a winter wonderland. When traveling from Kolkata to Manali, check weather forecasts for the most accurate information on when snow will fall to ensure a wonderful snow experience.

  • Manali Package from Delhi 

If you're considering a Manali package from Delhi, winter is the best time to see snowfall in Manali. Manali is blanketed with snow, especially from late December to February. Travelers can benefit from travel packages that usually include comforts like housing, transportation, and guided tours from Delhi to Manali. To ensure a fantastic snowy experience during your journey from Delhi and to get the most up-to-date information about snowfall timing in Manali, it's important to remember that Manali's snowfall time fluctuates.

  • Manali Packages from Hyderabad 

For visitors from Hyderabad interested in booking Hyderabad to Manali packages, the best time for snowfall in Manali is during the winter season, from late December to February. During the best time to see snowfall in Manali, much snow falls, turning Manali into a winter wonderland. Plan your trip for these winter months to get the most out of the snowfall timing in Manali and enjoy the stunning scenery. The best chance of witnessing snow in Manali is to pay attention to weather forecasts because Manali's snowfall might happen at any time.

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Activities And Festival In Manali

There are several events and festivals to attend in Manali. The best time to see snow in Manali is from December through February. Play fun winter sports like snowboarding and skiing. Research local events like Christmas and New Year's celebrations to make your trip feel festive. An area where thrill seekers gather is the Solang Valley. 

For a more relaxing experience, consider going to yoga and meditation retreats during the best time to see snowfall in Manali. To gain knowledge of the regional culture, go to events like the Hadimba Devi Fair. Manali is a year-round attraction for everyone since it combines culture and adventure equally. Find out the best time to visit Manali for snowfall, and you will have the chance to experience exciting activities. 

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Recommended Hotels In Manali 

December through February are the best time to visit Manali for snowfall; thus, choosing the right lodging is crucial. 

Several recommended lodgings for a winter break are the Manali Lodge, Solang Valley Resort, and Manu Allaya Resort. Hotel Mountain Face or Hotel Snow Park are more economical options. Book early to secure a room at one of these hotels during the busiest snowfall season and to enjoy the spectacular Manali snowfall experience.

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Best Places To Visit In Manali 

The best time to visit Kullu Manali for snow is from late December to early February, at its highest. Some of the other best places to visit in Manali this winter season are listed below:

  • Solang Valley: Often known as Manali's adventure capital, Solang Valley offers opportunities for snowboarding and skiing and the chance to enjoy the breathtaking scenery coated in snow.
  • Rohtang Pass: Rohtang Pass is a must-see in Manali when it first opens, despite being open only in the summer. It is a snow-covered wonderland with stunning scenery.
  • Hadimba Temple: Hadimba Temple is a stunning, historic temple that provides a peaceful haven from the snow. There are tall deodar trees all around it.
  • Old Manali: Take in the charm of Old Manali's charming cafes, winding lanes, and laid-back atmosphere. If you choose the best time to visit Manali for snowfall, you will experience the beauty of the place even more. 
  • Manu Temple: The Manu Temple, an old temple devoted to Lord Manu, is historically and spiritually significant.
  • Nehru Kund: The tranquil Nehru Kund spring is named after India's first prime minister and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Visit these places to experience their special beauty and witness the best snowfall time in Manali.

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Nearby Places To Manali

In the best snowfall time in Manali, you can visit nearby locations, including the charming Shimla. Many tour companies provide Shimla tour packages from Manali. In Manali, winter experiences are ideal from December through February when snowfall is at its heaviest. On the other hand, Shimla, with its colonial grandeur and snowy surroundings, is lovely at this time of year. Whether you're seeking the best time to visit Manali for snowfall or a range of activities by touring Shimla, this trip ensures a stunning break in the Himalayas.

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Best Selling Packages 

The most popular package is the 3 nights 4 days Manali itinerary, created for those seeking an unforgettable winter holiday. This package is popular from December to February, the best time to visit Manali for snowfall. 

It includes a hotel, local transportation, and guided excursions to Manali's best locations, Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass, where you can witness the mesmerizing snowfall. This package ensures you make the most of your winter vacation in Manali and enjoy the marvel of snow in the Himalayan highlands once you choose the best time to visit Manali for snowfall.

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5 Destinations To Witness The Best Snowfall In Manali

To make the most of your trip during the best time to visit Manali for snowfall (December to February), think about going to one of these five locations:

  1. Solang Valley: It boasts well-maintained snow-covered slopes, making it perfect for skiing and snowboarding. It is recognized for its winter activities.
  2. Rohtang Pass: This high mountain pass is a snow lover's paradise. A thick blanket of snow blankets the entire region, transforming it into a breathtaking winter paradise.
  3. Marhi: During the early part of the season, Marhi, near the Rohtang Pass, is frequently covered in snow, offering a peaceful and less congested snowfall experience.
  4. Gulaba: Located near Manali, Gulaba is one of the first places to get snowfall. Anyone who can't wait to see the season's first snowfall will love it.
  5. Old Manali: Enjoy the charm of the little cafes and market lanes that are snow-covered during winter in Old Manali.

The ideal way to experience a winter adventure in the Himalayas is to visit these places at the best time for snowfall in Manali, typically from December to February.

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Get The Help Of The Best Trip Planners In India 

If you need help organizing a trip to Manali or Palampur tour package during the best time for snowfall in Manali (December to February), consider the leading trip planners in India. These professionals can tailor your itinerary according to the best time to visit Manali for snowfall to ensure your winter vacation runs smoothly and successfully. Whether you're looking for adventure, culture, or relaxation, vacation organizers can customize their services to your preferences and make your trip to Manali during the snowy season truly magical. 

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Final Note

Manali, with its beautiful winter backdrop, transforms into a captivating snow paradise during the best time for snowfall in Manali. It's the best time to visit Manali for snowfall when you can participate in thrilling snow activities, witness stunning snowfalls, and discover the region's rich cultural past. With carefully designed Himachal tour packages, you can effortlessly discover the mesmerizing beauty of snowy Manali.


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