20 Best Adventure Sports in Manali for Thrill Seekers

May 16, 2024

Best Adventure Sports in Manali

Manali is extremely well known for its unique weather and climate. Especially during summers, when the entire country is struggling to survive the heat waves, Manali's snowy and cold respite is what we look for. Additionally, it is not only about the atmosphere and the beauty but rather the thrilling adventure sports in Manali that attract hundreds of people each year. 

Manali is a place in Himachal Pradesh that offers a gorgeous view of the Himalayan mountain range. The scenic beauty of this place has been one of the major reasons why newlyweds spend their honeymoon in Manali.

Additionally, the adventure activities in Manali have also made it one of the best honeymoon packages in India. It is from this particular location that skiing in Solang Valley and trekking in Parvati River are arranged. However, you can indulge in several other activities as well. 

In this article, we will share the top 20 adventure sports in Kullu Manali for you, along with the required details. Moreover, you will learn the best way to reach this destination and the right time to visit the place. So, get ready, choose the best Himachal Pradesh tour packages, and get to enjoy exclusive and thrilling adventure activities. Read along to know more. 

Here Is the List of 20 Best Adventure Sports In Manali

Manali is loaded with adventure sports like rafting and paragliding. If you are an adventure lover, then book Manali tour packages that include the various adventure activities the location offers to its visitors. However, make sure you are booking it at the right time so that you can indulge in all the activities you want. 

The town's topography has enabled it to offer a variety of adventure sports, such as rafting, skiing, cycling, and bungee jumping. Below are 20 such exciting adventure activities in Manali that you can easily take part in. Scroll down for more information.



Rafting is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

Rowing your boat against the powerful and gushing water of River Beas is definitely thrilling and quite challenging. Hence, this is one of the best places for river rafting in India, But there is nothing to worry about since both the riders and the boats are properly protected. 

Moreover, everyone can enjoy river rafting in Manali since there are different levels. The Manali river rafting charges are quite justifiable since you are provided with proper equipment that ensures tight security. Novices or beginners can opt for shorter distances, while the experienced can choose longer routes. However, you must abide by the rules given. 

  • Adventure Level: Mostly Moderate 
  • Best Time To Try: Summers (June is the best month)
  • Where To Try: Pirdi to Jhidi
  • Cost: INR 2500 for two 
  • Tips: Listen carefully to your instructor


Camping is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

Camping should be topping your Things To Do In Manali list. The ambiance and landscape definitely call for at least a night of adventure camp in Manali, where you get a gorgeous view of the celestial sky. 

It might not be nerve-wracking like the others, but it is certainly exciting and, more importantly, relaxing from the hustle and bustle of city life. Hence, Manali camping is a must if you want to take unforgettable memories back with you.

  • Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Best Time To Try: May to June
  • Where To Try: Sethan, Solang Valley, Bhuntar
  • Cost: INR 1500 - 2000
  • Tips: Do not forget to carry a mosquito repellent


Trekking is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

The third most popular and loved adventure sport in Manali is trekking. After all, the Himalayan range, along with the forests present, offers amazing trekking tracks for trekkers. 

Moreover, the activity also includes the Manali trekking camp for the longer routes, which span days together. A trip to Manali without indulging in this adventure sport in Manali will definitely remain incomplete. 

  • Adventure Level: Moderate to difficult
  • Best Time To Try: May and June
  • Where To Try: Chandrashila Trek, Tosh Valley Trek, and Kheerganga Trek
  • Cost: INR 3000 - 5000
  • Tips: Do not pack unnecessary things for your trek


Paragliding is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

The Himalayan ranges in Himachal Pradesh make the Manali paragliding activity more adventurous and exciting. Making the first jump might be challenging, but it is also rewarding, as you get the best view of the majestic mountain range. 

Additionally, there are two levels of gliding - 60 to 90 seconds for beginners and almost 30 minutes for those with experience. The best paragliding in Manali is done from the Solang Valley. 

If you want to try out paragliding at least once in your lifetime, then don’t worry about the costs. The Solang Valley Manali paragliding price is quite reasonable and flexible, ranging from 800 to 1800. 

  • Adventure Level: High
  • Best Time To Try: April to December 
  • Where To Try: Solang Valley and Marhi
  • Cost: INR 800 - 1800
  • Tip: Choose comfortable clothes 


Skiing is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

Another very popular Manali Solang Valley activity is skiing. In fact, it is very often considered a couple activity. Anyone can indulge in this adventure sports in Manali since you will be provided prior guidance. 

Additionally, you must attend the prior sessions for an enhanced experience. Though there are various other places for skiing, Solang Valley is considered the best location. 

  • Adventure Level: Moderate 
  • Best Time To Try: January and February
  • Where To Try: Solang Valley, Rohtang, Marhi, Gulaba and Dhundi
  • Cost: Starts from INR 300 
  • Tip: Wear sunglasses or goggles for sunny and cloudy weather, respectively. 

Downhill Cycling

Downhill Cycling is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

It is different from uphill cycling. The moderately rocky tracks of the mountains enable Manali to provide the perfect route for downhill cycling. Moreover, you will be provided with all the necessary equipment, like helmets and bikes. You just need the enthusiasm and zeal to indulge in it. Before completing your Manali tour, remember to try downhill cycling once. 

  • Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate 
  • Best Time To Try: Any time of the year
  • Where To Try: Starting at Naggar to cycling 15kms downhill
  • Cost: INR 1600 - 2000
  • Tip: Hold on to the bike firmly 

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

The best way to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Kullu Manali is to opt for a jeep ride. Additionally, you will be riding with the locals, which will give you snippets of news only residents are aware of. It is the road that will make this adventure in Kullu Manali more thrilling. 

Though the roads may be visibly risky, do not fret, as the drivers are skilled and quite experienced. You can sit and enjoy the magnificence of the mountain while the jeeps pace through the tracks. 

  • Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Best Time To Try: June to September
  • Where To Try: Manali – Tsomoriri Lake
  • Cost: INR 15,000-20,000 
  • Tip: Do not lean out of the jeep 


Snowboarding is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

If you want to take skiing a notch higher, snowboarding is just what you are looking for. Manali is one of the best snowfall places in India, so you can get the best snowboarding experience. This takes place from a steeper slope or mountain than skiing; hence, people with prior experience should take part in these adventure activities in Manali.

However, you will be offered assistance and proper guidance. It is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling activities in Solang Valley at Manali.

  • Adventure Level: Difficult 
  • Best Time To Try: January to March
  • Where To Try: Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley
  • Cost: Depends on snowboarding camping packages
  • Tip: Gain a prior experience before indulging.


Zorbing is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

One of the unique adventure sports in Manali is zorbing. Here, you are wrapped inside a ball and see the world from an upside-down perspective. 

But then, what is the excitement factor of zorbing in Manali? Well, you will be rolled downhill through a slope. However, this is not as dangerous as it sounds since gentler and smoother slopes are chosen. Though open to all, not everyone can dare indulge in this adventure in Manali. However, adventure lovers have a deep love and admiration for this activity. 

  • Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Best Time To Try: January to May; October to December
  • Where To Try: Solang Valley
  • Cost: INR 500 - 600 per person
  • Tip: Ensure you have a good grip on the zorbing ball

Cable Car Ropeway

Cable Car Ropeway is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

The scenic magnificence of Manali makes the cable ropeway a thrilling and unforgettable experience. You are elevated 2000 meters high, from which you get a bird' s-eye view of the entire town with its beautiful and varied landscapes. 

This is one of the best adventure activities in Kullu Manali that can offer you a panoramic view. Additionally, the surrounding serenity will add to the excitement, if not the thrill. Make sure you are not missing out on this particular indulgence. 

  • Adventure Level: Easy
  • Best Time To Try: December to February
  • Where To Try: Solang Valley and River Beas
  • Cost: INR 650 - 700
  • Tip: Always be ready with a camera to capture the breathtaking view

River Crossing

River Crossing is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

The different streams in Manali enable the location to offer such adventure sports in Manali. This is not normally crossing the river; rather, you will cross the river hanging from a rope while the streams below rush past you. 

You need proper balance to keep moving with the help of the rope. The river crossing is available the whole year except for the monsoon since the streams have a chance of overflowing at that time. Hence, it is a common inclusion in most of the Manali adventure sports packages. 

  • Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Best Time To Try: Any time of the year apart from monsoon
  • Where To Try: Van Vihar, Solang Valley
  • Cost: INR 350 - 400
  • Tip: Wear your boots during river crossing


Angling is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

Another very exciting adventure sport in Kullu Manali is angling. If fishing is your favourite leisure activity, then Manali is certainly one of the best tourist places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, as you can get ample chances to use your fishing talent. 

You do not have to worry about the equipment and guide since they come with the package itself. Be ready to catch some trouts and mahseer on your trip to Manali.  

  • Adventure Level: Moderate
  • Best Time To Try: May
  • Where To Try: Haripur, Patlikhul, and Raison
  • Cost: According to the package
  • Tip: Learn the fundamentals of fishing


Ziplining is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

For all adventure enthusiasts looking for heart-pumping adventure sports in Manali, ziplining is your activity. Here, a rope is tied to your waste, and you are in a parallel position with the zipline as you hold on to that line. In the zipline in Manali, you will be crossing hills and forests at your convenience. Although it may seem easy, you will feel the adrenaline rush while in the activity. Certainly, the Manali zipline is a very safe activity for everyone to indulge in. 

  • Adventure Level: Moderate 
  • Best Time To Try: May and June
  • Where To Try: Solang Valley and Haripur
  • Cost: INR 1300 - 1400
  • Tip: Avoid inconvenient dresses like skirts 

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

Almost all kinds of adventure sports in Manali require you to have proper physical strength and body balance. However, in the case of rock climbing, it is paramount as this entire activity depends on how well you can pull yourself up with the help of the rock. 

Hence, for such Kullu Manali activities, you need adequate body strength. In fact, for those who are looking to indulge in mountain climbing in the future, Manali is the best location, to begin with rock climbing, as the stone structures offer the best platform for honing your skills. 

  • Adventure Level: Difficult
  • Best Time To Try: April, May, June, September, October
  • Where To Try: Solang Valley, Rohtang, Marhi, Gulaba and Dhundi
  • Cost: INR 350 - 500
  • Tip: Make sure you are well equipped

Snow Scooter

Snow Scooter is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

If snow-scooting is on your to-do list, then Manali is one of the best places to visit in winter in India since the snowfall there amply supports this adventure sports in Manali. You can go up to 2 km in one single ride. If you are new to it, they will provide you with an instructor to guide you through snowy pathways. But if you are a pro, you can easily ride the snow scooter in Manali on your own.  

  • Adventure Level: Easy to moderate
  • Best Time To Try: December to February
  • Where To Try: Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass
  • Cost: INR 400 - 1000
  • Tip: Choose warm and waterproof clothes for this activity


Biking is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

Cycling through the uneven roads of the Manali hills requires proper skills and balance, making it more challenging and exciting. Like most activities at Manali, this one has different levels so that everyone can enjoy the adventure. However, prior cycling practice is minimal for riding uphill and downhill along the hills. If you are really an adventure enthusiast, then you cannot miss this adventure at Manali. 

  • Adventure Level: Essay to moderate 
  • Best Time To Try: Any time of the year
  • Where To Try: Manali - Rohtang Pass - Baralacha La Pass - Lachalangla Pass - Tanglang la - Khardung la - Manali
  • Cost: begins from INR 6000
  • Tip: Do not grip the handles too tightly.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

Quad biking is the best option for those who desire to explore the terrains of Manali in a personalised manner. In this adventure sports in Manali, you get to ride a quad bike to travel around the different terrains. 

An ATV ride in Manali through that velvety cover of snow to tour the dense forest of the area is definitely a lifetime experience. However, the price here depends on the route chosen. 

  • Adventure Level: Moderate 
  • Best Time To Try: Any time of the other 
  • Where To Try: River Beas, Rocky River Trail, Kiwi Trail
  • Cost: Depends on the chosen trail
  • Tip: Do not forget the helmet


Rappelling is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

Another nail-bitting adventure sport in Manali is rappelling. For the unversed, this activity includes climbing down the rock. A lot of us might take part in rock climbing, but how many dare to indulge in climbing down the rock? Though not as popular as the other variant, it will definitely give a heart-pumping experience. Here, you are harnessed to a rope by the help of which you climb downhill. However, you must have proper control of your physique to indulge in this activity. However, everyone can take part if they have basic experience. 

  • Adventure Level: Moderate to difficult 
  • Best Time To Try: Any time of the year
  • Where To Try: Solang Valley, Rohtang, and River Beas
  • Cost: INR 1500 - 2000
  • Tip: Hold on to the harness firmly

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

This particular activity needs no introduction. We are all aware of how hair-rising it is. From taking the first step to completing the entire activity, you will find yourself quite breathless. The bungee jumping in Manali can be done 5km away in Bahang. 

The trick here is to just jump without having any thoughts. However, within that adrenaline rush, the breathtaking view of the dense forest is unmissable. Hence, bungee jumping in Kullu Manali should be there in your list if you consider yourself an adventurer. 

  • Adventure Level: Moderate to Difficult 
  • Best Time To Try: January to March
  • Where To Try: Bahang
  • Cost: INR 3000 - 3500
  • Tip: Do not look down before jumping

Adventure Stay in Forest

Adventure stay in forest.webp is one of the best adventure sports in Manali

This is the best option for nature lovers who like camping. As it is one of the Best Hill Stations in India, nothing is more thrilling than camping in the wild surrounded by a mountainous landscape. 

Additionally, you can take part in other activities like rappelling, a Manali yak ride, etc. The forest stay packages will provide you with all the necessities, such as heaters, tents, meals, bedding, etc. To gain an unforgettable experience, the adventure stay in the forest is definitely one of the best options. 

  • Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate 
  • Best Time To Try: All round the year
  • Where To Try: Forests of Kullu
  • Cost: Depends on the package 
  • Tip: Carry warm clothes 

Best Time To Visit Manali

Manali can be visited all year round. If you are interested in adventure sports like skiing, snowboarding, etc., you might wonder: what is the best time to visit Manali For Snowfall? October to February is the most favorable time to visit this place. During these months, the snowfall is the best, providing the perfect platform for such activities. 

However, for others, like cycling, rock climbing, camping, etc., there is no recommended time. In order to indulge in these adventure sports in Manali, you can visit the place at any time of the year. Moreover, visiting during the off-season will also enable you to enjoy the activities and others in a peaceful manner away from the chaos of the crowd. 

Generally, visiting Manali during the monsoon season is discouraged since many water sports like Manali white water rafting, river crossing, paragliding (since it needs a clear sky), and camping remain closed to ensure the safety of the visitors. 

How To Reach Manali?

The nearest airport is the Kullu-Manali Airport (KUU) in Bhuntar. It is an active and very well-connected airport. The KUU airport receives frequent flights from all across the country. Hence, you can easily reach the airport by hiring a taxi or boarding the bus to reach the core of Manali. 

There is no direct railway station. The nearest is 169 km in Joginder Nagar railway station. All Delhi to Manali Trains and from other major cities like Kolkata, Jaipur, Lucknow, etc., halt at this station. You will take 8 - 9 hours to reach Manali from the station. You can also arrive by road to enjoy the minute details of nature's beauty. You can opt for private car taxis or choose the state or private buses. 

Best Places To Visit in Manali

Manali is a very popular tourist spot because of its various landscapes, which offer multiple activities to visitors. From the snowcapped Himalayan mountain ranges to dense forests to gushing streams, etc. Manali has time and again proven to be one of the best places to visit in North India. However, it is a fact that one cannot tour the entire town on a single trip. Hence, listed below are the top twelve best places to visit in Manali for you to choose from. 

  1. Solang Valley
  2. Rohtang Pass
  3. Manali Mall Road
  4. Parvati Valley
  5. Kullu
  6. River Beas
  7. Old Manali
  8. Hamta Valley
  9. Chichoga 
  10. Kasheri Village
  11. Soyal
  12. Prashar Lake

Though some of them are quite popular, some among them are Offbeat Destinations In Himachal Pradesh around Manali that you must visit for a unique experience. 

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Manali has the perfect landscapes that allow the town situated in the hill station to provide its visitors with unforgettable experiences. Though Manali is quite a common honeymoon destinations in india in low budget, you can also plan a family trip or a friend's outing in Manali. 

Moreover, the Manali adventure activities prices are also very reasonable and justified; hence, fitting into the budget is not a concern. However, make sure you are choosing the right travellers to ensure the best experience.


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