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About Shimla tour packages from Chandigarh

Choose the best Shimla tour packages from Chandigarh and embark on a beautiful adventure to a mystical land. Perched on the lofty mountains of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla creates a timeless experience. It’s an exceptional location for families, couples, as well as solo travelers to capture ethereal beauty with your eyes. Shimla is always a popular choice among the list of best honeymoon places in india in low budget.

The Shimla tour packages will let you lose yourself in historic charm with lush landscapes and snow-capped peaks. With well-crafted itineraries, you will be able to explore iconic landmarks in Shimla and get transported to a world of ethereal beauty. Apart from breathtaking views, you can also explore delectable cuisines in Shimla to satiate your hunger. 

The best honeymoon packages in India also include Shimla as a prime location due to its cultural richness and natural beauty. Amidst the backdrop of snow-capped peaks, New Year celebrations in Shimla are truly appealing. So, you can also choose the best New Year packages to tour the scenic town of Shimla. 

Best Time to Visit

You can plan a Shimla trip from Chandigarh all year round. Shimla boasts a distinct appearance during different times of the year. 

Summer Season

During the summer season, Shimla tour packages from Chandigarh become highly popular among travelers looking for a way to escape the scorching heat. Since the temperature does not soar too high, you can enjoy a refreshing time. The Shimla tour packages from Chandigarh during the summer season include a lot of outdoor activities like nature walks to explore the aesthetic beauty of the city. 

Monsoon Season

Occasional heavy downpours during the monsoon season might affect your itinerary on your Himachal Pradesh tour packages. You should pay attention to weather forecasts before planning your Shimla trip during the monsoon months. But if you choose Shimla tour packages from Chandigarh during the monsoon months, you will be able to explore lush greeneries and a serene environment.   

Winter Season

During the winter season, the Shimla tour packages from Chandigarh create a magical landscape. As snow engulfs the region, you will be able to experience a picturesque view of the mountains. Therefore, Shimla tour packages during Christmas and New Year. Adventure sports enthusiasts can choose Shimla tour packages from Chandigarh to try different activities like skiing and skating.  

How to Reach 

While planning a Shimla tour from Chandigarh, you need to think about transportation. Let’s have a detailed look at how you can travel. 

By Air

Reaching Shimla from Chandigarh is quite convenient via a flight. The Jubbarhatti Airport is closest to Shimla. It is pretty well-connected to the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. After landing at the Jabbarhatti airport, you can hire cabs to reach the first location on your Shimla package from Chandigarh.  

By Rail 

You can also embark on your Shimla tour from Chandigarh via train if time isn’t an issue for you. If you want to reach Shimla via train, you will have to take a train from Chandigarh to the Kalka Railway Station. Kalka is another town in Himachal Pradesh from where you can easily travel to Shimla via a cab or local transportation.  

By Road

If you are planning a low-budget Shimla trip from Chandigarh, you can consider traveling via road. The most budget-friendly way to reach Shimla from Chandigarh is through a bus. You will need around three and a half hours to reach Shimla from Chandigarh on a bus. 

If you want a more comfortable experience, you can hire a cab to reach Shimla from Chandigarh. Depending on the model of the cab, your fare will range between Rs 1600 to Rs 2000. The best part about traveling via a cab is that you can stop whenever you want for pictures or anything else. 


After choosing a Shimla package from Chandigarh, you should have a few tricks up your sleeves to make the most out of your vacation:

Clothing and Footwear

If you are planning to visit Shimla during the summertime, you should carry light clothing like t-shirts, tops, and shorts. But keep a jacket or scarf to layer up because evenings and nights can be a little chilly, even during the summer season. During the winter months, you should carry appropriate clothing to keep you warm and prevent yourself from shivering throughout your trip. In case you are seeking some adventure, remember to wear the right footwear for trekking or other activities. 


The best Shimla tour packages will give you a taste of authentic Himachali cuisine. You should also try items like Momos and thukpa when you are in Shimla. 

Interaction with Locals

If you want a hassle-free trip, you should learn to interact with the locals with proper etiquette. Don’t be rude to them, and always ask for permission before capturing photographs. 

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Read our Trip Planners India blogs to gather more information before planning a trip to Shimla or any other scenic destination. Our blogs include in-depth details regarding different places, including tourist destinations to cover and the ideal duration to explore the area. Whether you are traveling with friends or family, our in-depth blogs will help you pick the right Shimla tour packages from Chandigarh or explore any other location with the utmost convenience. 

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