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About Shimla Tour Packages From Pune

Look for Shimla tour packages from Pune to step foot into the foothills of the Himalayas. Shimla is a heaven with enchanted deep forests and massive snow-capped peaks in the distance. People traveled across the nation to Shimla to see its colonial architecture, which the British administration influenced. 

The British used it as a summer capital, and following their occupation, it became one of India's most popular destinations for honeymoon packages in India. You and your partner may dedicate a lot of time going to religious sites, admiring some of the most stunning scenery, participating in the exciting nightlife, going on shopping excursions, and indulging in some of the most mouthwatering Himachali cuisine. 

Shimla's steep hills, which are at a height of 2205 meters above mean sea level, are ideal for engaging in thrilling sports like rock climbing, heli-skiing, paragliding, ice skating, and river rafting. Book New Year packages with Shimla on the itinerary to enjoy the jaw-dropping splendor of the Himalayas and everything else said above.

You will travel through the picturesque and verdant hills of Shimla during your Pune to Shimla tour. This trip is perfect for families, couples, and single travelers since it offers cozy lodging, delicious food, and lots of excitement. So, look for Shimla tour packages from Pune and discover the vibrant cultures, stunning landscapes, and exhilarating activities that Shimla can offer.

Best Time To Visit

In Shimla, each season has its unique advantages. The picturesque summertime scenery and the calming monsoon are irrefutable. Also, the captivating wintertime snowfall that turns this city into a fantasy land. Since every season brings a different, unique, and comfortable experience at this year-round vacation spot, you must choose your Pune to Shimla package accordingly. 

Summer Season

In the springtime, Shimla is a sight for sore eyes. The range of temperatures is from 16°C to 30°C. Take a break from the scorching heat and unwind in Shimla's moderately temperate atmosphere. Savor the breathtaking scenery and engaging outdoor sports that are hard to resist by booking your Pune to Shimla trip package during summer.

Monsoon Season

Monsoon season temperatures range from 13 to 20 degrees Celsius. It's a sight to remember as the clouds appear to descend onto the hills and pour down rain. You feel as if you’re in another period as you are strolling around the streets of this fascinating city and taking in the colonial architecture all around you. However, when booking Shimla tour packages from Pune during monsoon, one must keep track of weather reports and landslides. 

Winter Season

Who doesn't enjoy a decent snowfall? Encased in a thick layer of white, the entire town is like a dream come true. It can be as low as -7°C to +10°C, which makes it a fun temperature for winter activities like ice skating. South Asia's largest ice skating rink is situated close to Mall Road. In the winter season, Shimla is always a popular choice among the best honeymoon places in india in low budget.

How to Reach

You cannot reach Shimla from Pune directly via air, road, or rail route. Flying from Pune to Chandigarh, where you may take a state bus, hire a taxi, or take the well-known toy train to Shimla, is the most convenient method to see the city. 

It will take roughly two hours and thirty minutes to complete a nonstop trip from Pune to Chandigarh; an additional three to four hours will be required to get there by bus or rail. So, let’s see how people choose to travel when booking their Shimla tour packages from Pune. 

By Air

One can take a trip from Pune to New Delhi, where you may board another flight from the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and arrive in Shimla in around 1 hour and 10 minutes. Choose the Pune to Shimla trip package that best fits your needs by comparing several options before making travel arrangements.

By Train

Would you like to take an adventure and travel by train from Pune to Shimla? Unfazed, you have a good choice to think about. Arrive in New Delhi by train first, departing from Pune. In roughly 19 hours and 45 minutes, the "H Nizamuddin Duronto Express" will be the quickest train to take you to Shimla. 

You can use the Delhi-Kalka line and then transfer to the Kalka-Shimla line even though there isn't a direct train service between New Delhi and Shimla. Although the travel is lengthy, the experiences and memories will last a lifetime. Typically, people prefer the rail route when booking their Shimla packages from Pune. 

By Road

For those who enjoy driving, traveling from Pune to Shimla by car is an adventure in and of itself. Beautiful scenery may be seen along the way. From Pune, the NH60 connects to the NH3, which goes to Shimla. No matter if your Shimla tour packages from Pune don't include travel, schedule your pauses along the route to take in India's varied scenery and cultural offerings.


  1. In pleasantly cold summers, pack light, warm clothing; in winter, pack heavier coats, woolen sweaters, winter boots, and scarves.
  2. Always bring a duplicate of your paperwork, and don't forget your medication.
  3. Before starting your trip, carefully research Shimla packages from Pune.
  4. Overindulging in food during high-altitude travel is not recommended as it raises the possibility of experiencing nausea.
  5. Before booking Shimla tour packages from Pune, make sure your living arrangements and reservations for your flights, bus, and train are correct.
  6. Take all prescription medications and required medications with you. It will not be necessary for you to dash about in an emergency.
  7. Avoid eating sliced and raw fruits from the exterior. Make sure you drink packaged mineral water and dine at a respectable establishment.
  8. Be mindful of the area's customs, and do not upset anyone there. In Shimla, as in all of India, people are extremely devoted to their religion, and any slight to it is greeted with furious outbursts.

Read Our Blogs To Get the Detailed Information

Are you planning to book Shimla tour packages from Pune? If so, you’ll want in-depth insight into Shimla, its weather, types of itineraries, and whatnot. If so, the Trip Planners India blogs can guide you through various Shimla tour packages from Pune, ranging from quick weekend getaways to extended stays. Make the most of our blogs to plan the most memorable trip to Shimla in your life. 

How Trip Planners India Help You?

With Trip Planners India, plan a trip to Shimla, where millions of tourists get drawn by its picture-perfect setting, well-connected highways, an array of modern lodging options, and unparalleled hospitality. When making travel plans, make the most of your trip by carefully examining the many Himachal Pradesh tour packages.

Arranging a journey with your dear ones? Seek assistance from the best trip planners in India to cross Shimla off your travel bucket list. The charming town perfectly combines religious roots, breathtaking beauty, a rich cultural legacy, and age-old customs. The cuisine is so delicious it will make you drool, and the living quarters are exquisite. 

So why not start organizing your trip to this breathtaking location right away? Discover the best tour packages in India that will take you straight to the doorsteps of heaven – Shimla! So, get the best Shimla tour packages from Pune today and visit India's most breathtaking hill station.

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