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About Shimla Tour Packages From Mumbai

With the best Shimla tour packages from Mumbai, now every Mumbaiker can explore a wealth of colonial history while taking in this well-liked hill station's natural beauty and breathtaking views. 

With one of the several New Year packages from Mumbai to Shimla, you can take a vacation from the bustle of the city and spend time in the Queen of the Hills. Make lifelong memories while exploring colorful cultures and breathtaking landscapes with your loved ones. 

Thanks to the carefully planned itineraries that come with Shimla tour packages from Mumbai, one can enjoy a hassle-free travel experience with the ideal balance of action and leisure. 

And what makes Shimla even more attractive is its alluring charm and romantic vibe for newlywed couples. Given this, many Mumbaikers opt for Shimla in their honeymoon packages in India to spend a romantic time on the laps of the Himalayas. 

This Shimla trip from Mumbai is not only ideal for families, friends, and couples but also for single travelers because it offers cozy lodging, delectable cuisine, and lots of adventurous activities. 

Prepare to be engrossed in the breathtaking environment, vibrant culture, and exhilarating adventures that Shimla provides. Some well-known dishes are red rice, lamb, and chicken. The area's most well-liked locations include cafés like Wake and Bake, Hide Out, Cafe Simla Times, and Himachali Rasoi. 

When organizing your getaway, explore several itineraries of various Shimla tour packages from Mumbai to get the most out of your trip.

Best Time To Visit

Spring-Summer Season

In the spring, Shimla is a feast for sore eyes. It's a perfect season to take in the stunning scenery and verdant valleys, with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 30°C. In addition, each year, the Spring Festival is scheduled for April 28–30.

In the summer, Shimla's moderately temperate temperature is a great place to get away from the heat and unwind. Diverse sporting activities are available to you, which will raise your heart rate and entice you to try them again. 

So, if all these seem fascinating, then look for Shimla tour packages from Mumbai during the spring and summer seasons. 

Monsoon Season

In Shimla, the monsoon season brings temperatures ranging from 13 to 20 degrees Celsius. Should you be a fan of precipitation, the monsoon season is the right time for your Shimla trip from Mumbai. You will be in wonder as you stroll through the streets of this enchanted city, where the weather is kept cool by constant rain.

Winter Season

Mumbaikars who went to Himachal before always recommend that one must go on a Shimla tour from Mumbai during winter. Create priceless moments with your family and friends and take in the regular snowfall that transforms the city and makes it appear gorgeous. In the summer season, Shimla is always a popular choice among the list of best honeymoon destinations in india in low budget.

It is advisable to bring warm clothing for your Shimla tour from Mumbai since the temperature might dip as low as minus 7°C to 10°C. You and your friends can enjoy various winter sports activities like ice skating, skiing, and paragliding.

How to Reach

Mumbai and Shimla are not connected by direct trains, state buses, or airplanes. Flying from Mumbai to Chandigarh is the fastest route to Shimla. You can take the renowned toy train to Shimla, hail a cab, or board a bus from there. 

Although most Shimla tour packages offer cab service from Chandigarh or Delhi, one must know how to reach Chandigarh before beginning their package trip. 

By Air

Typically, your Shimla trip package from Mumbai won’t include an air travel facility. Plus, there isn’t any direct flight from Mumbai to Shimla. So, you’ll have to either book a flight from Mumbai to Chandigarh or Delhi. There are several 2-3 nonstop flights available from Mumbai to Delhi and Chandigarh. 

Upon reaching the airport, you can take a cab or bus to Shimla. Alternatively, you can also take another flight from Delhi to Shimla if budget isn’t an issue and you need to save time. So, before making travel plans, evaluate the itineraries of many Shimla tour packages.

By Train

Considering taking the train from Mumbai to Shimla? You can explore the option of adventure, so don't worry. However, there isn’t any direct train from Mumbai to Shimla. You must board a train to Delhi and book a cab or take another train from Delhi to Shimla. 

You can finish the entire trip in 27–28 hours if you take the train. Additionally, you can add the best form of transportation to your Shimla trip package from Mumbai.


  1. Bring lightweight summer attire and woolen coats, scarves, and sweaters for the winter.
  2. Keep a duplicate of your private documents, and don't forget to take your prescription drugs on time.
  3. Explore and compare several Shimla tour packages from Mumbai in-depth and select the one that best meets your needs.
  4. Avoid overeating when flying at high altitudes, as this raises the possibility of feeling queasy.
  5. Before departing, ensure your Shimla package from Mumbai confirms all reservations for your living quarters, transportation, and flights/trains. 
  6. It is advised that you take the bus or train to get to Shimla in order to save money on your trip. 
  7. Remember regional traditions and customs, particularly while you're at places of worship.
  8. When traveling in the Himalayas or elsewhere, properly dispose of your non-biodegradable and biodegradable waste.
  9. It is recommended that travelers who plan to engage in adventurous activities exclusively use travel agencies and guides who have been approved by the Department of Tourism, HP Govt.

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